How to Draw a Converse “Chuck Taylor” Shoe in Photoshop

How to Draw a Converse “Chuck Taylor” Shoe in Photoshop

How to Draw a Converse “Chuck Taylor” Shoe in Photoshop

Learn how to create a Converse Chuck Taylor shoe and create beveled text. This tutorial will show you some drawing basics and techniques for applying textures.

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Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes Photoshop Tutorial


Step 1 New Document

Create a New Document. The size of my canvas is 600px x 700px with a 72dpi resolution.


Step 2 Background

Now we will create the background. On your 'background' layer add this Layer style by double clicking this layer and adding a Gradient Overlay


Step 3

Create a new layer above your background layer and grab your Rectangular Marquee tool. Make a selection, a little less than half of your canvas.


Step 4

Next, grab your Gradient Tool and make sure that your tool is set to these settings. The gradient is #5B3C70 to transparent.


Step 5

Take your tool and start from the top of the selection and drag it down to the bottom.


Step 6 Illustrator

Now open up Adobe Illustrator and with the pen tool selected, create the shape of a shoe. I created my outline of my shoe in Illustrator because the pen tool is a bit easier for me to use. It doesn't matter what color you fill it with.


Step 7

Now transfer it over to Photoshop by using 'drag and drop' and name it shoe and duplicate this layer. Now apply this color overlay to the 'shoe' layer.


Step 8

Then go to Layer>Layer Style>Create Layer. Now we will leave this 'shoe' layer alone for now and on your 'shoe 2' layer add this pattern overlay. Make sure that this layer Fill is at 0%


Step 9

Now 'convert it to a smart object' and 'rasterize' it. Then change this layer to Multiply. You can rename this layer 'pattern'


Step 10

Create a new layer and name it 'shadow.' Grab your paint brush tool and with a 92px soft round brush (#000000) selected darken in the areas around the edge of the shoe erase any areas that go outside of the shoe. And change this layer to soft light.


Step 11

Create a new layer and with your pen tool make a shape like the image below for the tip of your shoe.


Step 12

Create a new layer and select your paint brush tool (#dedcdc 61px soft round brush Flow: 27%) and paint along the bottom tip of the shoe, erase away the areas that go outside the tip of the shoe.

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