Seascape Painting Part II: Creating the Fish and Finishing the Picture

Seascape Painting Part II: Creating the Fish and Finishing the Picture
step 29

Step 30

Now using a 15 pixel brush, outline the eye with white (color #FFFFFF).
step 30

Step 31

Erase the top half of the eye.
step 31

Step 32

Use the elliptical marquis tool to select the eye area (including the top half we erased.)
step 32

Step 33

Now, going to the “fish” layer, use the burn tool to add shadows to the eyelid, and the dodge tool to add highlights. Burn Tool: 42 pixels, highlights mode, 34% exposure Dodge Tool: shadow mode, 69 pixels, 24% exposure
step 33

Step 34

Make a new layer above the “scales” layer and title it “fin”. On this layer we will make the dorsal fin.
step 34

Step 35

Block in the fin with color #610089. The fin is a sort of elongated triangle.
step 35

Step 36

Use the burn tool and dodge tool (dodge tool set to highlights) to add shadows and highlights to the fin.
step 36

Step 37

Take color #2B003D and outline the outer three sides of the fin.
step 37

Step 38

Make semi-transparent horizontal lines on the fin using the same color and a 55% opaque brush.
step 38

Step 39

Now go back to the “scales” layer and erase the scales off the tail.
step 39

Step 40

Use the same technique for the other fins to finish the tail (steps 24, 37-38).
step 40

Step 41

The last step for the fish is to add a highlight to the eye using the dodge tool on shadow mode.
step 41

Step 42

If you wish to create more fish, follow the same steps but vary the color and shape of the body and fins. Even making small changes like those will give you all kinds of beautiful fish! (I created a single gold fish and copied and pasted it is several different places. I also made a few larger and on different planes (i.e. layers), and they did a great job of tying the image together.)
step 42

Step 43

Make a new layer at the top of th scene and title it “bubble”.
step 43

Step 44

The first thing you want to do is turn off shape dynamics, and then create a pure white circle on the “bubble” layer.
step 44

Step 45

Then erase one side and the center of the bubble with a soft round eraser set to 33% opacity.
step 45

Step 46

The last step is to copy and paste the bubble all over the image. By varying the size and rotating the bubble (Ctrl + c), you can make it look like there are all kinds of bubbles in your seascape. (It is very important that every so often during this process you merge the layers back down to the “bubble” layer, otherwise you will end up with thirty to forty new layers.)
step 46

Final Results

step 46

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