Roman House Painting Part I - The Drawing

Roman House Painting Part I - The Drawing
In this tutorial you will be taken through the steps to create a roman courtyard. Part I describes the drawing, Roman House Part II – The Drawing describes the coloring, and Roman House Part III – Finishing describes how to draw a roman woman and finish the drawing.

Preview of Final Results


Roman House Painting Part I - The Drawing Photoshop Tutorial

  • Program: Photoshop 7
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Estimated Completion Time: 30 minutes

Step 1

Create a new image, 5 inches wide, 7 inches high, and 300 pixels/inch.

Step 2

Use the paint bucket tool to fill the background with color FFD5A3.

Step 3

Make a new layer, “sketch” above the background.

Step 4

Shift and drag to create a horizontal line (color #391F00, 30% opacity, hard edged round brush) about an inch from the top.

Step 5

Outline the tops of trees showing above the line. At this point they should look blocky and “puffy”.

Step 6

Create a slanted line beginning about an inch from the bottom and ending three inches above the bottom.

Step 7

Draw another slanted line at the top of the page. The line should be slanting in the opposite direction. Erase the tree that falls within the triangle this line makes.

Step 8

Using the same brush and color, draw two vertical lines (shift and drag again) connected with a rounded top and bottom.

Step 9

Make another larger column closer to the viewer, and erase everything that falls within the columns.

Step 10

Make another horizontal line about two inches below the top line.

Step 11

Make a second line right below that.

Step 12

Create a third horizontal line one third of the way up the page, making sure that it does not cross through the columns, and that it does not intersect the bottom slanted line.

Step 13

Indicate a vine crawling up the side of the building by making a line that curls off in different directions as it climbs.

Step 14

Block in a bush slightly hidden behind the front column.

Step 15

Make a rounded U shape in front of the first column. This is the beginning of a pot.

Step 16

Draw two dipped shapes, much like the bottom half of a bell at the neck of the vase and at the bottom.

Step 17

Connect the ends with rounded top and bottom, much the same as the columns.

Step 18

We are going to add a few palm leaves to the pot. The start, make a curved line protruding from the pot.

Step 19

Add another line that connects at the end, but follows the same curve and gets thicker as it approaches the base.

Step 20

To begin the leaf, make a soft curve that turns at the end and goes further than the end of the first lines we drew (comes to a point there).

Step 21

Finish blocking it in by adding the second half of the palm leaf. This looks much like a backwards “L” shape that curves a little to the right.

Step 22

Erase small portions of the outline, and then make multiple “V” shapes across the leaves. This will give the impression of the many little leaves that make up palm branches.

Step 23

Copy steps 18-22 to make a few other leaves.

Step 24

Begin to sharpen the edges on the pot, plant, columns, floor, and ceiling. This can be done using the same brush, and an eraser set to 100% opacity (hard edged round brush).

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