Roman House Painting Part I - The Drawing

Roman House Painting Part I - The Drawing
Roman House Painting Part I - The Drawing

Step 20

To begin the leaf, make a soft curve that turns at the end and goes further than the end of the first lines we drew (comes to a point there).


Step 21

Finish blocking it in by adding the second half of the palm leaf. This looks much like a backwards “L” shape that curves a little to the right.


Step 22

Erase small portions of the outline, and then make multiple “V” shapes across the leaves. This will give the impression of the many little leaves that make up palm branches.


Step 23

Copy steps 18-22 to make a few other leaves.


Step 24

Begin to sharpen the edges on the pot, plant, columns, floor, and ceiling. This can be done using the same brush, and an eraser set to 100% opacity (hard edged round brush).


Step 25

Now it is time to add some leaves to the bush and trees. To make these leaves, a simple pointed oval shape with a line beginning at the base will do perfectly.


Step 26

Add detail to the bush by outlining individual leaves and cleaning up the outline.


Step 27

Use the same method to add detail to the trees outside.


Step 28

Make a new layer above the sketch. This layer will be merged down later.


Step 29

To begin the tiles on the roof, make multiple rows of slanted horizontal lines running across the roof.

For this part it is best to turn off shape dynamics, and work with a brush set to 85% opacity.


Step 30

Add rounded tops, and arches for the bottom.


Step 31

The last step is to add individual tiles to the roof. This can be done by using the same “arches” for the bottom of the rows.

I preferred to place them so that they did not form rows, but one tile ended around the middle of the adjacent tiles.


Step 32

Erase the top of the roof from the “sketch” layer.


Step 33

Merge the layer down so that the roof is back on the sketch layer.


Step 34

Make a new layer and name it “vine”.


Step 35

Using the same brush as the roof (this time with shape dynamics back on) create a “shell” for the vine by outlining both sides.


Step 36

Erase the vine from the layer below, being careful not to erase the other important lines.


Step 37

Make a new layer below the vine and leave it. It will be merged down later.


Step 38

Using the same method as before for creating vertical lines, begin adding lines to the columns. They should be closer together towards the edges, and further apart as they near the middle.

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