“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.” In this Photoshop Tutorial, we will learn how to create a surreal scene in the library. First, we added a Background and then we added other elements Girl, books, lamp, butterfly etc.

Preview of Final Image

Tutorial Resources

Step 1

Now, let’s start open a Background image. Go to File > Open and select background photo. Press right click on mouse and in new pop-out window select “Convert to Smart Object”.

Step 2

Next, go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set Radius to 30.4px

Step 3

Add Adjustment Layer “Levels”

Step 4

Add Adjustment Layer “Hue/Saturation”

Step 5

Now create a new layer and use Brush Tool(B) Soft Round with foreground color Yellow (#a57316) and size set to 3400px then paint to background picture. Blend mode change to Soft Light with Opacity 30%.

Step 6

Create another layer and use Brush Tool(B) Soft Round with foreground color Yellow(#a57317) and set size to 3400px the start paint. Blend mode change from Normal to Lighten with Opacity to 20%.

Step 7

Now, go to File > Open and select Books. Then use a Pen Tool(P) and start selecting the books. When we finish the selection press right click on mouse and “Make Selection” then create layer mask..The simplest path you can draw with the standard Pen tool is a straight line, made by clicking the Pen tool to create two anchor points. By continuing to click, you create a path made of straight line segments connected by corner points.

  • Select the Pen tool.
  • Position the Pen tool where you want the straight segment to begin, and click to define the first anchor point (do not drag).
  • Click again where you want the segment to end
  • Continue clicking to set anchor points for additional straight segments.
  • The last anchor point you add always appears as a solid square, indicating that it is selected. Previously defined anchor points become hollow, and deselected, as you add more anchor points
  • Complete the path by doing one of the following:
  • To close the path, position the Pen tool over the first (hollow) anchor point. A small circle appears next to the Pen tool pointerwhen it is positioned correctly. Click or drag to close the path.
  • To leave the path open, Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (Mac OS) anywhere away from all objects. To leave the path open, you can also select a different tool.

Feather Radius set to 0px and check Anti-alliased. After the selection area has been created, simply copy (Ctrl / Cmd + C) and Paste (Ctrl / Cmd + V) it to our work canvas. Then position the image with the transform tool (Ctrl / Cmd + T). Hold Alt + Shift and resterize like image below. In Photoshop CC only hold Alt to resterize al sides together.

Step 8

Add Adjustment Layer “Levels”

Step 9

Add Adjustment Layer “Hue/Saturation”

Step 10

Now we will create a several layers. Create a first new layer and use Brush Tool(B) Soft Round with foreground color Yellow (#8e713e) then start painting the top of the edge of the book. Blend mode change to Lighten with Opacity 30% and create a clipping mask (select layer and press right click on mouse and select Create Clipping Mask)

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