How to Create Business Template in Photoshop

How to Create Business Template in Photoshop
Save the document as index.psd or main_page.psd. Doesn't really matter, it's just for you to know what is what. Notice the content part that is outlined with red color. Delete all the layers that are inside (or eventually hide if you don't mind megabytes of RAM taken by mostly unneeded layers; in fact we could make use of some but it's better to just leave those we will need) and save document once again using SAVE AS option. Save it as blank.psd.

Step 12 - Single product's page

Okay, so for now we have something like this. It's our blank document- it's opened. Save it right away as single.psd so we will, after 'saving as', work on single.psd document and blank.psd will stay untouched.
We want to have here an image, description, some unordered lists of functions and a small gallery. I always try to make a draft, even with mouse and brush tool. It's essential to distribute everything so you will have a space for every element. You know- it should be simple but informative. Informative for you.
Here's a tip: If you are wondering how did I created so straight lines with brush tool, get this tool into your 'hands', click anywhere on the document, hold down SHIFT key and then click anywhere else. You see? The line was just created from first click to the second. This feature is very useful for me in planning part. Okay, as we planned, or actually- I planned- place a sample name for the product, create a line (or duplicate it from newsletter set) and use a button to make a hyperlink to the catalog. All the elements here were made previously.
Add a sample image and description. Remember, guides won't tell you how big elements should be. You will tell guides where they has to be. That's wy grid systems are... bad. I didn't wanted to use that word but can't name it other way. Anyhow- they tells you in some way how big your elements should be and where they must be placed. You can't create anything that is unique. Thankfully we are not using any grid system. If you are, unfortunately, using it... Well, maybe try to do something without them and inherit grid system to your projects when you will be ready for it That's mean- when you will know how to design for grid systems without strict grid system. Let's back to the topic: Add your content (that includes all text elements like description, titles and lists) but leave some space for the gallery.
Separate the content from the gallery (it's blank now) with the line copied from newsletter.
Truly I will say that I have made few measurements and make a thumbnails to perfectly fit the blank area. However we can make them bigger or smaller in html- it's just a mock-up above all. Create a white shape and add to it a slight border in blending options. The size of this shape is exactly 100x100 pixels.
Create another one inside it that will be 80x80 pixels. To make exact values use Rectangular marquee tool with style set to Fixed size. If you want to align them- use move tool options.
Copy any sample image to the clipboard. CTRL+Click on the thumbnail of the smaller shape so you will get a selection. Then go to Edit > Paste into and you will have a clipboard image placed iside a mask of selection, like this:
Dupliacte this layer six times and move them along the layout, but make sure that last box touches the last grid. Then pick move tool, select all the boxes' layers in layer window (you should make each box in each group, otherwise it wouldn't work, so actually you should select groups) and then click Distribute Horizontal Centers on the top bar so you will get perfectly aligned boxes:

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  1. I have been trying so hard to make my own templates. There are so many tutorials out there, but it always seems like one or two things are missing from the final product. Either that, or I am missing something within the instructions.

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