In this tutorial I will show you how to create a wafer text effect in Adobe Photoshop using a font as a foundation. You will begin by creating the pattern for text and then you will build the wafer text. In the end you will create some chocolate and a cream as an ornament for your text. Let’s begin!

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Step 1

First we will create the pattern that will be used for your text. Create a 24 x 26px document, go to View > Show > Grid to enable the Grid and then go to View > Snap To > Grid to enable the Snap to Grid. Hit Control + K to open the Preferences window, go to Guides, Grid & Slices and enter the settings mentioned in the next image. Along the tutorial I turned off the grid ( Control + ‘ ) for you to have a better vision. The grid will make it easier for you to create the shapes.


Step 2

Concentrate on your Toolbar and set the foreground color to #F2C088. Select the Line Tool, focus on the top bar and set the Weight to 7px. Move to your canvas and create the following vector shapes.


Step 3

Focus on the Layers panel, select all the vector shapes, right click on one of them and go to Merge Shapes. Open the Layer Style window for this vector shape and enter the settings mentioned below.




Step 4

Focus on your Layers panel, hold the Control button from your keyboard and then click on the thumbnail icon that stands for the existing vector shape to load a simple selection around it. Go to Select > Modify > Contract and set the Contract to 3px. Focus on the bottom side of the Layers panel and click the Create a new layer button. Set the foreground color to #FFFFFF, pick the Paint Bucket Tool and fill your selected zone. Once you’re done, hit Control + D to clear your selection and then lower the Fill to 0%. To save the pattern simply go to Edit > Define Pattern, pick a name for your pattern and click Ok.





Step 5

Hit Control + N and create a 2000x 1200px document.


Step 6

Pick the Horizontal Type Tool and use the Insaniburger Font. Move to your canvas, add the “SWEET” text with the size set to 450px and the color to #E3A45D. Once you’re done, open the Layer Style window for this text and enter the settings mentioned below.




Step 7

Focus on the Layers panel, select the text made in the previous step and duplicate it using the Control + Jkeyboard shortcut. Select the fresh copy, change its color to #68524F, right click on it and go to Clear Layer Style. Hit the up button from your keyboard four times to move it 4px up.



Step 8

Select the piece of text that lies in front and make a new copy in front ( Control+J ). Select this copy, move it 4 px up using that same up arrow button and change its color to #E3A45D. Make sure that this fresh copy is selected and duplicate it. Select the newly made copy, move it 4 px up and change its color to #68524F. Finally, duplicate this second piece of text. Once again, select the copy, move it 4 px up and replace the existing fill color with that same #E3A45D. In the end things should look like in the following images. 8

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