How to Create Business Template in Photoshop

How to Create Business Template in Photoshop

How to Create Business Template in Photoshop

Step 17 - Coding Newsletter And Footer

Great, we are pretty far. We will leave a content area for now, because firstly we'll make a blank (well, not really blank, but without a main part) html document (like we did with psd) and then we will build the content for every page. Our newsletter are will have a fixed size. Start from placing the guides on top and bottom (select newsletter gropu in layer's window so they will stick) to cut out the backgrounds.


Now cut out the background for wrapper, save it as newsletterbg.jpg.


Check its height (or distance between guides) so you will know how big will be our newsletter area. In fact we could make it elasttic/fluid, but there is no need to do that. Now hide all the layers (with background) so you will have only an upper line (so called separator) and bottom shape. Cut it out as well. Name it newsletter.png.


Also take care about input background and newsletter icon. Here is a html code to apply.


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And css for it. To fasten the work we will position everything with absolute values.

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  1. I have been trying so hard to make my own templates. There are so many tutorials out there, but it always seems like one or two things are missing from the final product. Either that, or I am missing something within the instructions.

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