How to Create Brochure Mockups in Photoshop

How to Create Brochure Mockups in Photoshop

How to Create Brochure Mockups in Photoshop

All right, we can start work from here, really. First of all- create new document with a real dimensions lowered by 10 mm from each axis (because of margins) - just follow the Step 4. My bleeds are equal to 2 mm, not a standard 3 mm. But actually I can run my action, and then just go to Image > Canvas size and type -2 mm (-1mm × 2) in each input field (remember about Relative checkbox).


Now we have to create some additional guidelines that will determine folds. Here's a trickery. We have to make different guides for inside and outside part of our brochure. Look at this sample guillotine work:


First of all, I will tell you how in Photoshop delete already made guides. It will help you if you will set them wrongly by a mistake. Ok, here's a magic- press [V] or choose move tool, click on a guide that you want to delete and drag it outside the document- it will disappear. If you want to rotate your guide by 90 degrees you can just press [Alt] and click in the point where guide should rotate. If you want to move guide by 10 pixels and it's multiplications do it while holding [Shift]. Now let's create our folding guides. Go to View > New Guide and type in 213mm in the input box. Repeat step, but with value of 424mm (213 + 211). Save the document as a inside.psd. Now delete both guidelines and add another two, but now type respectively 210mm and 421mm (210 + 211). Then go to File > Save as and save this document as outside.psd. Now we will start to work with this outside.psd document, and inside.psd will stay untouched as grid-only blank document for now.

Step 6 - Front page

You can start from filling the whole document with white color. I have to do so, for I am always starting with transparent background. It is just my preference though. I don't like the auto-filling when I am playing with canvas size or so. You can use this type of brochure for your client work to display his offer, or just a product. I think that this destination is most often used. Also I saw some C-type brochures with CV/Resumes. I have to make some identity of fake company with its fake products and offer. Don't look at this, it is just for tutorial purpose, I won't advertise anything (at least not with intention). I will stay far from images for it is not universal to make absolute position of image. Of course I will provide some sample, but you have to decide by yourself where the given image fit perfectly. I will use my illustrations from drawing tutorials that you can find on this site elsewhere. It is good to make groups and organize layers.

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  1. Thank you so much. This is an excellent tutorial. You're awesome! I hope your New Year is great! :)

  2. Tutorial was confusing and unclear,You really have to find simpler ways of explaining things to people. Thanks for the information though.

  3. Fascinating. It seems like most Adobe users would naturally choose InDesign over Photoshop for something like this, since that's essentially what InDesign is made for. But this is a very thorough tutorial for hardcore Photoshop users!

  4. very important and very useful information.. i m a web graphic designer and didn't have knowledge about printing graphics and bleed and safety margin etc etc.. this is very useful to me.. thanks keep it up. please refer font size information on business card that what should be font size in photoshop and in illustrator.. etc etcc thankkss please mail me.

  5. I'm sure this tutorial is great for beginners, but the title is very confusing. I thought this was about making the mock-ups not the whole brochure and just tell us to download your finished mock-up psd file.

    1. That's what I also thought. I guess that we won't find any tutorial on how to make a mock-up template soon. :|

  6. This really helped me out. Thanks a bunch. I made a great 3 fold for my business. I tweaked some stuff to make it my own, but it was very helpful to utilize the file you posted as an outline.

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