How to Create Brochure Mockups in Photoshop

Step 6 – Front page

You can start from filling the whole document with white color. I have to do so, for I am always starting with transparent background. It is just my preference though. I don’t like the auto-filling when I am playing with canvas size or so. You can use this type of brochure for your client work to display his offer, or just a product. I think that this destination is most often used. Also I saw some C-type brochures with CV/Resumes. I have to make some identity of fake company with its fake products and offer. Don’t look at this, it is just for tutorial purpose, I won’t advertise anything (at least not with intention). I will stay far from images for it is not universal to make absolute position of image. Of course I will provide some sample, but you have to decide by yourself where the given image fit perfectly. I will use my illustrations from drawing tutorials that you can find on this site elsewhere. It is good to make groups and organize layers.


With a rectangle marquee tool make a selection (guides are pretty helpful here) of the one third of the document that will determine the first page.


Then fill this selection with color #c96003. Actually, I should give you colors in CMYK for this is the color mode that we are working on, but, there are three cases why I wouldn’t do so: first of all, it is not so important to use exactly same colors as mine; secondly, the CMYK palette couldn’t be perfectly simulated on the computer screen (because the RGB system) so if you are looking for a specific color, you should use color palette from printing service or just print out few copies with different background color; finally, it is easier for you to just select a color and paste it into the hex value in color picker while CMYK values must be retyped. Now we will play with gradient tool, so our background will get some live. Our gradients should be attached as a clipping masks. To do a clipping mask move the cursor between layers in layer’s window. Hold alt, and when cursor will change, left-click. Now the clipped layer won’t extend the boundaries of the base layer. With the color similar to #e6b338 make few radial and linear gradients. My Opacity in the gradient tool is set to 30%. One thing: if you are using gradients for print, try to make them at least different by 5% in some CMYK value for it could be invisible or make a bounding.



Now do the same, but with the color of #8d261c.


I have added my sample logo and fake company name, and trully, this would be the end of page 1 for me for I am minimalist.


However, our clients mostly expects something else. I found this is very popular among certain groups of clients to put a huge tagline in the middle of the page to clarify the company mission. Let’s try to meet this sample expectations and modify a bit our page. Here I have moved the logo on top and added huge tagline on the bottom.


Small and quick trick- get Elliptical marquee tool and make huge ellipse along the page.


Then with gradient tool (opacity of 30%) make two or three gradients with white color. At the end change gradient’s layer opacity to Soft light or overlay.


Repeat this step two or three times. You can also try out with black color.


Don’t get too far with your design aspirations. Brochures should be simple and informative. Also, avoid fancy backgrounds for your text could be hard to read.

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