Mysterious Deer in Night Photoshop Manipulation

Mysterious Deer in Night Photoshop Manipulation
Live bold, without fear. This is life amongst the deer. Your growing antlers,' Bambi continued, 'are proof of your intimate place in the forest, for of all the things that live and grow only the trees and the deer shed their foliage each year and replace it more strongly, more magnificently, in the spring. Each year the trees grow larger and put on more leaves. And so you too increase in size and wear a larger, stronger crown.” In this Photoshop Tutorial, you will learn how to create an unreal scene. We added the background first and made it a little more attractive by adding a little more color, then we made adding a little color to the deer to blend in with the surroundings. After that, we add fire and fog and finish with a couple of adjustment layers.

Preview of Final Image

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Step 1

In this step wee will open a Background photo, go to File > Open and select Deer. Duplicate it press Ctrl/Cmd + J

Step 2

Add Adjustment Layer "Color Lookup" and 3DLUT File set NightFromDay.CUBE and set Opacity 40%.

Step 3

Add Adjustment Layer "Gradient Map" and from left to right set color codes(Black, Oc3190, 1043c6, 3365e6, white) as shown in the picture below. Blend mode change form Normal to Soft Light with Opacity 30%.

Step 4

Add Adjustment Layer "Curves"

Step 5

Add Adjustment Layer "Curves" and press Ctrl/Cmd + I to invert layer mask. Now use Brush Tool(B) Soft Round with foreground color white and start painting only deer.

Step 6

Add Adjustment Layer "Curves"

Step 7

Add Adjustment Layer "Selective Color"

Step 8

Add Adjustment Layer "Color Balance"

Step 9

Add Adjustment Layer "Hue/Saturation" and use Brush Tool(B) Soft Round with foreground color black and paint only body of deer. Opacity set to 60%.

Step 10

Add Adjustment Layer "Hue/Saturation" and press Ctrl/Cmd + I to invert layer mask. Use Brush Tool(B) Soft Round with foreground color white and paint parts as shown in picture below.

Step 11

Create a new layer and use Brush Tool(B) Soft Round and pick a foreground color yellow (#ce671b). Then start painting part of the deer’s body.

Step 12

Add Adjustment Layer "Hue/Saturation"

Step 13

Next, create a new layer and use Brush Tool(B) Soft Round and pick a foreground color #caa0b2. Then start painting part of the deer’s body. Blend mode change from Normal to SoftLight with Opacity 40% and Fill 60%. This way we will do to blend the colors of the deer and the background into one.

Step 14

Open Moon photo stock, go to File > Open and select Moon. Use Elliptical Marquee Tool(M). With the Elliptical Marquee tool, drag over the area you want to select. Makes an elliptical selection (or a circle, when used with the Shift key). Hold down Shift as you drag to constrain the marquee to a square or circle (release the mouse button before you release Shift to keep the selection shape constrained). To drag a marquee from its center, hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) after you begin dragging.
After the selection area has been created, simply copy (Ctrl / Cmd + C) and Paste (Ctrl / Cmd + V) it to our work canvas. Then position the image with the transform tool (Ctrl / Cmd + T). Hold Alt + Shift and resterize like image below. In Photoshop CC only hold Alt to resterize al sides together.

Step 15

Next make a Smart Object, right click on layer and "Convert to Smart Object". Smart Object perform nondestructive transforms. You can scale, rotate, skew, distort, perspective transform, or warp a layer without losing original image data or quality because the transforms don't affect the original data.

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3 comments on “Mysterious Deer in Night Photoshop Manipulation”

  1. please enplane how did u move the moon behind the deep horns this step its not clear when i do it i keep the moon in the front

  2. Great technical work, but PS has carried us to the unreal, to the detriment of the art of photography. Give me natural images. I’m ok with color enhancement, a few added clouds, etc, but creating this bizarre stuff and calling it art cheapens photography, and takes us backward to the days when ours was not seen as a legitimate form of art. Sell things like this on street corners out of the back of a panel truck along with Elvis paintings.

    1. You can have as much fun or be as conservative as you like. You don't have to do any of these types of manipulations if you don't want, but sometimes it's fun to just play around with the capabilities of PS. No one is suggesting that you sell something like this as a "real" image, but good grief lighten up. If one is a true purist, as you seem to be then they shouldn't be using any post processing nor should they be using any auto settings on their camera. In fact they shouldn't even be using a digital camera since it has the ability to improve a shot without the shooter's input. Total manual on film is where you seem to be most comfortable; not eve sure why you bother looking at this type of article.

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