Create a “Magic School” Photo Manipulation

Create a “Magic School” Photo Manipulation

Create a “Magic School” Photo Manipulation

Step 24

Now we will be creating a 3D Title. Give a title to our scene(Magic School) using the font 'Ring bearer'.


Open the Layer Properties of the Title layer and select Bevel and Emboss from the Styles list. Then set the values to Depth=1000%, Size=202px, Soften=1px and leave the rest of the values as default.


Then select the Contour and set its Range=100% to get the following result.


Step 25

Now since we created a perfect stormy weather,it's time to create some heavy rain which give a perfect since to the scene. Create a new rain layer above all the layers and paint that rain using the white color as shown. This rain drops represent the rain near the characters.


Increase the size of the rain brush to represent the rain falling near the lens(our eye).Then add a Gaussian Blur of Radius 2.9px to maintain the Depth Of Field(DOF).


Now decrease the size of the rain brush to paint the rain falling far way from the characters. Once the painting of rain is finished add a Gaussian Blur of Radius 4.2px.


Step 26

Since it is raining heavily we should create thin water spilling from the wizard's hat and the wand and also the tentacles of the Student witch. Using the water flow brushes create a thin flow of water spilling from the hat and wand of the wizard and the tentacles of the student witch as shown.


Final Results


Authors Comment

profileThank you for following this tutorial! With this tutorial i wanted to share few techniques and tricks that will make your works on Matte Painting and Photo manipulation easier and faster. While working on any digital illustration work, reference and pre visualization is very important.

I'm a freelance graphics designer and the founder of zillionarts the place where all kinds of arts are showcased together to provide inspiration to the young minds. You can know more about me from my portfolio blog and also can follow me on Twitter

- Santhosh Koneru

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