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Create a Spooky Scarecrow Wallpaper Using Photoshop

Create a haunting scene inspired by DC Comics. This tutorial will show you how to create a night photo manipulation using custom Photoshop brushes, 3D text effects, adjustment layers, and some matte painting techniques. You will also learn how to save time finding resources for any photo manipulation.

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Scarecrow Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial


Step 1

Draw a rough sketch of the concept that you have in mind before proceeding for the search of the resource. Because this helps you in simplifying the search for resource. Here we are going to create a DC Comics inspired Scarecrow scene, hence we made a rough sketch of the scene in Photoshop.


Step 2

After sketching the concept have a close look at it to notice the elements that are embedded in it. Now make a list of all the elements needed for the concept, this can serve as the list of key words while searching for the resource.
Once the listing is over browse through the stock providing websites like Deviantart and using the listed keywords and choose the most appropriate image that fits the scene perfectly.


Step 3

1) Import the image of the Scarecrow into Photoshop and select a rough mask using the Magic Wand Tool(W) and select the Refine Edge option from Select>Refine Edge (MAC:command+alt+R , Windows:Ctrl+Alt+R). Then select the ‘On Black’ view from the View drop-down list to get a good visual of the edges.


2) Set the Size of the Refine Radius Tool (R) to 127 and select the Output to New Layer. Now graze the edges of the scarecrow using the Refine Radius Tool and click OK to get the detailed cut image of the scarecrow in a new layer.


Step 4

Now create a new canvas in Photoshop for the scene with the dimensions Width=2560pxand Height=1440px.


Step 5

Import the image of the scarecrow onto the canvas and place it on the left side of the scene as shown.


Step 6

In this step we will be creating the farm in the background.

– Select the image of the Corn Field and import it onto the working canvas and place it behind the scarecrow.


Step 7

As we already described that this is a night scene, we need to create color correct the background to get the night effect.

1) With the Farm layer selected go to Image>Adjustment>Hue/Saturation and set the Saturation Level=-62 and Lightness=-9.


2) Now by using the Curves (MAC:command+M , Windows:Ctrl+M) color correct the farm as shown.


3) Now make the background dark using the Brightness/Contrast. Set the Brightness=-42 and Contrast=25.


Step 8

As we can still see that the farm is filled with light, hence we are going to make the farm much darker in this step.

Using the Soft Round Brush(B) paint black color at the bottom of the scene as shown and lower its Opacity to 61% to get the following effect.


Step 9

Follow the step7 to color correct the scarecrow to match the night scene that we are creating.


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