Create This Dark Matte Landscape Composite in Photoshop

Create This Dark Matte Landscape Composite in Photoshop

Step 15

Create a new layer to make light source and name it 'Light'. Grab the brush tool by pressing (B) on the keyboard and set the opacity and flow to 100%. Change your foreground color to #163d65 and paint a big stroke as shown in the image below.
Change the blend of light source layer to Linear Dodge and reduce the opacity to 34%. Here are the results. I also painted some lights on top corners.

Step 16

Extract the crow using your favourite selection tool and place it to the main document. I also applied a Gaussian Blur filter to the crow by selecting Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur with the 1.2 radius. Feel free to place the crow anywhere in the document.

Step 17

Add a Brightness/Contrast and Photo Filter adjustments layer to the crow.
You can see the result below.

Step 18

Add a Color Balance adjustment layer to the crow.
Here are the results.

Step 19

Now, we'll create fog. To do this, create a new layer and grab the brush tool with opacity and flow to 30%. Change your foreground color to #b5b9bd and paint as shown in the image below.
Add a layer mask to the fog layer. Now, apply a cloud filter to fog layer mask by selecting Filter > Render > Clouds to create fog. Here are the results. You can also see the results on layer mask. Before applying a Cloud filter please make sure that Foreground/Background color set to black/white and fog layer mask is selected. You can set your foreground and background color to default by simply pressing (D) on the keyboard.

Step 20

Add Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to the fog layer as shown in the image below.
Here are the results.

Step 21

Duplicate the fog layer(including Hue/Saturation) by pressing (CTRL + J) on the keyboard and scale it so it can cover the entire document. Here are the results. That will make the whole scene foogy and misty.

Step 22

Now everything is set and we can proceed to the 'Final Adjustments'. So, add a Gradient Map and Photo Filter adjustment layer to the scene.
Change the blend mode of Gradient Map adjustment layer to soft light and reduce the opacity to 65%. Here are the results.

Step 23

Continue finalizing the scene with Color Balance adjustment layer.
Here are the results.

Step 24

Add a Curves adjustment layer and set the setting as shown in the image below.
Here are the results.

Step 25

Finally, add a Brightness/Contrast adjustments layer to the scene.
Here are the results. Congratulation! you have create a dark matte painting in Photoshop!!!

Final Results


Download the PSD

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Tutorial by Bunty Pundir

Thanks for following the tutorial. Hope you have learned something new today. I am an artist from New Delhi, India. You can view my other artworks on Facebook, Behance andDeviantart. - Bunny

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  1. Hi everyone apologies for broken stock images links.
    I just checked the mountains image link, stock provider has removed it from DA (I don't know why). Crow is from and they just upgraded their website with new design and all the id of images has been changed.
    New link for crow is here

    You can also download psd file for mountains image.

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