Create a Fantasy Fish Scene above the Sky

Create a Fantasy Fish Scene above the Sky

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a fantasy fish scene using a variety of photo manipulation techniques. You'll learn how to combine different stock images into a cohesive scene using blending, adjusting colors, masking, and brush. You'll learn also how to focus on the details, work with lighting, manage your layers, and more.

What you'll be creating

We'll start this tutorial by setting up a sky scene from three stock images. Then we'll add the boat, tree, model, fishes, and blend them using adjustment layers, masking, and brush. Later we'll adjust the color, light, contrast, and finish it up with an adjustment layer. You should use Photoshop CS3 or newer to follow this tutorial properly.

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  1. I think I know, masking already stated to change on evry enterface ie face! Working with layer manupulation can sort your background too.

  2. I l!ke blending, masking, adjsuting colors using CS4 photoshop too, keep us uptodate then,, I like ambigious pictures u know.

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