Create a Horrific Flesh Eating Movie Poster in Photoshop CS6

ScreenFlow 342
ScreenFlow 343
ScreenFlow 344

Step 8

Select this brush here and make it about 400px.
ScreenFlow 345
ScreenFlow 346

Step 9

Then just mask off the layer over the face so that we can see all our hard work.
ScreenFlow 347
ScreenFlow 348

Step 10

Great! now lets go back to this layer and mask off the darkening over the eye with a soft brush that fits.
ScreenFlow 349
ScreenFlow 350

Step 11

Then create a hue saturation layer and lets adjust it as shown here.
ScreenFlow 351
ScreenFlow 352

Step 12

And again fill the layer with black and just mask in softly over the eye so its more saturated than the rest.
ScreenFlow 353
ScreenFlow 354
ScreenFlow 355

Step 13

Next lets create a new text layer and select the DIRT2DEATH font, if you don't have it just search in Google and install it, its freely available, then select a bright blue color for the text.
ScreenFlow 356
ScreenFlow 357

Step 14

Type pathogen and set the layer mode to soft light and reduce the opacity to 90%
ScreenFlow 358
ScreenFlow 359

Step 15

Then enter what your imagination can come up with as for the studios, director, producer and such.
ScreenFlow 360
ScreenFlow 361
ScreenFlow 362

Step 16

Select this bright yellow for the color and arrange the paragraph as shown here.
ScreenFlow 363
ScreenFlow 364

Step 17

Set the layer mode to hard light and the opacity to 61 %
ScreenFlow 365
ScreenFlow 366

Step 18

Lets make yet another layer and this time drag with the text tool to pre define the paragraph size.
ScreenFlow 367
ScreenFlow 368

Step 19

This time select this font and set its size at about 11pt
ScreenFlow 369
ScreenFlow 370

Step 20

Set the layer mode to overlay and lets do one more text layer.
ScreenFlow 371
ScreenFlow 372

Step 21

Select Bradley hand font again plus the same blue as the title; finally set the layer mode to soft light. And that is it! we have finished up our image with a nice poster look.
ScreenFlow 373
ScreenFlow 374
ScreenFlow 375

Final Image

Hope you have enjoyed making this fun image and poster, and learned some nice stuff alongside. If you have any questions you can send me a mail and I will try ASAP to give you a hand, thanks for your patience and support.
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18 comments on “Create a Horrific Flesh Eating Movie Poster in Photoshop CS6”

  1. I cannot download the brush, anyway anyone could tell me how to set it, so it fades on both sides...
    Also the other brush.
    Preferebly with sreemshots....
    Thank you.

  2. Nice tutorial but I feel that after step 17 it looks overdone. Also the zombied area of face could be more dark and reddish that would look more natural. By the way extremely well written tutorial.

  3. I'm really liking the tutorials here! But did you really have to use a stock photo of frogs humping each other?

  4. This is amazing! Premium quality tutorial here but the videos should be sped up. You're not kidding when you say it's 10 hours!

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