Create a Horrific Flesh Eating Movie Poster in Photoshop CS6

ScreenFlow 280
ScreenFlow 281
ScreenFlow 282
ScreenFlow 283

Step 12

Once we have cleaned the mask lets replace the blue back with this image here. So scale it flip it and set it into this position.
ScreenFlow 284
ScreenFlow 285

Step 13

Then we will apply a lens blur to the background adjusted as shown here. And finally adjust the color balance of it as shown here.
ScreenFlow 286
ScreenFlow 287
ScreenFlow 288

Step 14

Then on this section that we cleaned earlier we need to touch up with some hair so go back to the hair layer and paint in as shown.
ScreenFlow 289
ScreenFlow 290

Step 15

Perfect now lets start defining the final color and shading for our image with a color balance layer on top adjusted as shown.
ScreenFlow 291
ScreenFlow 292

Step 16

Followed by a levels layer with these settings.
ScreenFlow 293
ScreenFlow 294

Step 17

Grab the brush and a big soft tip as shown.
ScreenFlow 295
ScreenFlow 296

Step 18

Softly mask off the darkening effect of the levels layer as shown here.
ScreenFlow 297
ScreenFlow 298

Step 19

And now we continue with a curves layer adjusted as indicated here.
ScreenFlow 299
ScreenFlow 300

Step 20

In this case fill the mask with black and just paint in the effect of the curves layer, that lifts the blacks with a small soft brush.
ScreenFlow 301
ScreenFlow 302
ScreenFlow 303
ScreenFlow 304

Step 21

At this point it is a good idea to go back to the hair layer and paint in a bit more as shown.
ScreenFlow 305
ScreenFlow 306

Step 22

Then in sections like this where we practically cut the hair we need to place it back on top the painted layer as shown here.
ScreenFlow 307
ScreenFlow 308
ScreenFlow 309

Step 23

Perfect! now lets make a color fill layer right on top of the painted hair and select this dark red for it.
ScreenFlow 310
ScreenFlow 311

Step 24

Fill in the mask with black, set the layer to multiply and select this brush tip shown here.
ScreenFlow 312
ScreenFlow 313

Step 25

Enable pen pressure on transfer from the brush palette and with white mask in some dark blood on the hair.
ScreenFlow 314
ScreenFlow 315
ScreenFlow 316

Step 26

Create a new layer as shown here and choose this brush tip at about 4px.
ScreenFlow 317
ScreenFlow 318

Step 27

Now use this brush to paint in some more veins on the chest area, and hand. On the chest area you might want to make the brush a bit larger at the beginning and smaller at the ends.
ScreenFlow 319
ScreenFlow 320
ScreenFlow 321

Step 28

Next up lets create another levels layer on top and adjust it as shown.
ScreenFlow 322
ScreenFlow 323

Step 29

Fill the layer mask with black again and with this big soft brush just apply it where needed. And that brings us to the end of this section
ScreenFlow 324
ScreenFlow 325
ScreenFlow 326

8. Final shading texture and presentation

Step 1

OK we are close to finishing our tutorial so now lets just dial in some final adjustments and dressings to the image. Lets start by adding another curves layer on top and adjust it as shown here.
ScreenFlow 327
ScreenFlow 328

Step 2

After that create a color fill layer and select this color for it. Then set the layer mode to overlay and reduce the opacity to about 30%
ScreenFlow 329
ScreenFlow 330
ScreenFlow 331

Step 3

Grab the big soft brush tip and mask off as shown.
ScreenFlow 332
ScreenFlow 333
ScreenFlow 334

Step 4

Lets create yet another color balance layer and this time choose this dark brown.
ScreenFlow 335
ScreenFlow 336

Step 5

Set the layer mode to overlay and reduce the opacity to 38%; then mask off as shown here.
ScreenFlow 337
ScreenFlow 338
ScreenFlow 339

Step 6

Great now open up this texture and bring it over in a new layer; then scale it a bit to cover the whole image.
ScreenFlow 340
ScreenFlow 341

Step 7

Then desaturated the layer, invert it and set the layer mode to overlay. Finally create a mask for it.

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  1. I cannot download the brush, anyway anyone could tell me how to set it, so it fades on both sides...
    Also the other brush.
    Preferebly with sreemshots....
    Thank you.

  2. Nice tutorial but I feel that after step 17 it looks overdone. Also the zombied area of face could be more dark and reddish that would look more natural. By the way extremely well written tutorial.

  3. I'm really liking the tutorials here! But did you really have to use a stock photo of frogs humping each other?

  4. This is amazing! Premium quality tutorial here but the videos should be sped up. You're not kidding when you say it's 10 hours!

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