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Create a Horrific Flesh Eating Movie Poster in Photoshop CS6

ScreenFlow 91

ScreenFlow 92

ScreenFlow 93

ScreenFlow 94

Step 2

Obvious dribble stuff lets just take care of it at this point all over so we have a cleaner painting layer.

ScreenFlow 95

ScreenFlow 96

Step 3

And lets take the opportunity to extend the teeth as shown here, just sample color from one of them.

ScreenFlow 97

ScreenFlow 98

Step 4

Lets continue our process defining even more the shapes adding depth and content to the flesh.

ScreenFlow 99

ScreenFlow 100

Step 5

Lets now paint in some nasty eyelashes left around the eye.

ScreenFlow 101

ScreenFlow 102

ScreenFlow 103

Step 6

At this point lets create a shadow for the left eye since it is well covered by flesh, so create a new levels adjustment layer and adjust it as shown.

ScreenFlow 104

ScreenFlow 105

Step 7

Fill the mask for that layer with black so its all gone and just use a soft brush to apply it at the corner of the eye as shown.

ScreenFlow 106

ScreenFlow 107

ScreenFlow 108

Step 8

At this point we go about finding shapes that need a better way of attaching to the rest of the flesh as this one here and rework it differently.

ScreenFlow 109

ScreenFlow 110

Step 9

And also sections that need detailing further, or restructuring; now its the time to deal with those and finish up this section with a cleaner structure. Keep in mind studying the video at all stages of the tutorial.

ScreenFlow 111

ScreenFlow 112

ScreenFlow 113

ScreenFlow 114

4. Detailing part 2

Step 1

For example lets work on this section and add some detail; sample some color as shown here.

ScreenFlow 115

ScreenFlow 116

Step 2

Paint in some circular patches, then sample lighter color and add to the top of those patches.

ScreenFlow 117

ScreenFlow 118

ScreenFlow 119

Step 3

Then sample a bit lighter color and add more to the tip of those; to finish those ugly circular pieces of rotting skin.

ScreenFlow 120

ScreenFlow 121

Step 4

Keep the lighter color and add it to other sections such as this one here to bring out the shape.

ScreenFlow 122

ScreenFlow 123

Step 5

Lets now go to this section on the forehead and by reducing the brush size lets paint in some detail going in as shown here.

ScreenFlow 124

ScreenFlow 125

ScreenFlow 126

Step 6

Then sample a darker color to add between the flesh we just painted and add detail ad the edge as shown here.

ScreenFlow 127

ScreenFlow 128

Step 7

Then sample a medium tone from the skin and paint in more detail over the surface of the skin.

ScreenFlow 129

ScreenFlow 130

Step 8

Then sample some darker tone and add even more detail to the surface

ScreenFlow 131

ScreenFlow 132

Step 9

Great! now lets create a new layer, select this blue color and the brush tip shown here.

ScreenFlow 133

ScreenFlow 134

Step 10

And we paint in some blue veins coming out from the infected area as shown, then reduce the brush size and paint in some more at the ends.

ScreenFlow 135

ScreenFlow 136

Step 11

Then just setup the layer mode to soft light and reduce the opacity so all this is subtle enough.

ScreenFlow 137

ScreenFlow 138

Step 12

Lets add some skin stripes still joining this section.

ScreenFlow 139

ScreenFlow 140

Step 13

Now lets block in this section here, so sample color and paint in to block that hole.

ScreenFlow 141

ScreenFlow 142

ScreenFlow 143

Step 14

Sample some darker color and paint in some detail as shown here.

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