Photo Manipulation

Create a Horrific Flesh Eating Movie Poster in Photoshop CS6

ScreenFlow 144

ScreenFlow 145

Step 15

Then as we have done all over the image sample some lighter color to add depth and highlights to the section.

ScreenFlow 146

ScreenFlow 147

Step 16

OK great! now lets check on this part of the jaw and add detail to it in the same way.

ScreenFlow 148

ScreenFlow 149

Step 17

Move on to the neck and start by adding some skin by sampling color ad painting in some stripes as shown.

ScreenFlow 150

ScreenFlow 151

ScreenFlow 152

Step 18

Then as we have been doing we sample darker color to add depth as shown here.

ScreenFlow 153

ScreenFlow 154

Step 19

Now in this section here lets make a hole that goes all the way through the neck, just sample color from the bright back and paint in as shown.

ScreenFlow 155

ScreenFlow 156

ScreenFlow 157

Step 20

Lets continue with the rest of the body which its a bit behind in detail.

ScreenFlow 158

ScreenFlow 159

Step 21

Do the same for the shoulder area as we did at the beginning with the face, start by cleaning up the sketch and defining the areas correctly.

ScreenFlow 160

ScreenFlow 161

Step 22

And in the same way work on the hand section to bring its detail up a level.

ScreenFlow 162

ScreenFlow 163

Step 23

Clean up and detail the fingers to bring them closer to the detail in the face.

ScreenFlow 164

ScreenFlow 165

Step 24

Then clean up and shape the rest of the hand, so its also in an increased level of detail to finish up this stage of the tutorial.

ScreenFlow 166

ScreenFlow 167

5. Texture detail

Step 1

Now we will introduce some textures to help us add even more detail to our painting, so open up this image and bring it on a new layer; then just distort it and scale it a bit as shown.

ScreenFlow 168

ScreenFlow 169

Step 2

Make a duplicate of the layer and scale it a bit as shown here.

ScreenFlow 170

ScreenFlow 171

Step 3

Lets now select the clone tool and the brush tip shown here.

ScreenFlow 172

ScreenFlow 173

Step 4

Clone as shown here to cover all the painted areas, then clip this layer to the painted layer and set the layer mode to soft light.

ScreenFlow 174

ScreenFlow 175

Step 5

We now have the detail from the texture adding to that of the painted detail. Lets adjust the levels as shown here.

ScreenFlow 176

ScreenFlow 177

Step 6

And then adjust the hue saturation as indicated here.

ScreenFlow 178

ScreenFlow 179

Step 7

Perfect now create a mask for the texture layer and lets select the brush with black.

ScreenFlow 180

ScreenFlow 181

Step 8

And then just mask off where we don’t need the texture, such as on top of the teeth and bones.

ScreenFlow 182

ScreenFlow 183

ScreenFlow 184

ScreenFlow 185

Step 9

Reduce the opacity of the texture to just 93% and then merge both layers into one.

ScreenFlow 186

ScreenFlow 187

Step 10

Now that we have only one layer we can go back to paint in some detail, so grab the brush tool again and sample some color such as this one here; and start adding some detail that suggest cartilage.

ScreenFlow 188

ScreenFlow 189

ScreenFlow 190

Step 11

Then select this color here and set the brush size to 18px

ScreenFlow 191

ScreenFlow 192

Step 12

Then use it to shade the bone shape a bit.

ScreenFlow 193

ScreenFlow 194

Step 13

And also lets start painting to detail and merge the skin edge as shown here.

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