Create a Horrific Flesh Eating Movie Poster in Photoshop CS6

Create a Horrific Flesh Eating Movie Poster in Photoshop CS6

Create a Horrific Flesh Eating Movie Poster in Photoshop CS6
ScreenFlow 31
ScreenFlow 32

Step 13

Then to suggest a limit to the depth of the skin and flesh we need to paint in some hint of bone bellow all this mess; so sample some color as shown here and paint in some bone back there as shown here.

ScreenFlow 33
ScreenFlow 34
ScreenFlow 35

Step 14

OK great! at this stage we need to cover with the same sketching for the rest on the shoulder and hand. And that is it for this stage we should have all of our plan and sketch in place.

ScreenFlow 36
ScreenFlow 37

2. Eyes

Step 1

OK we will start to modify the eye on the right to make it a bit more sad; so duplicate the base image and then make a selection of the eye as shown here, then transform the selected part as shown.

ScreenFlow 38
ScreenFlow 39
ScreenFlow 40

Step 2

Move the selection in this position and then use the healing tool to remove the lower gap left there.

ScreenFlow 41
ScreenFlow 42
ScreenFlow 43

Step 3

Then for the rest of what we have missing we will continue a bit with the healing tool, yet only for the white part and make sure yo don't go over the darker section of the lashes or the algorithm will plaster a black smudge there.

ScreenFlow 44
ScreenFlow 45

Step 4

For the rest just grab the clone tool and complete the eye as shown here. I left a bit of extra white at the bottom to suggest a bit of tears.

ScreenFlow 46
ScreenFlow 47

Step 5

Perfect, now lets select the right eye and copy paste it on a new layer; then move it over the other eye.

ScreenFlow 48
ScreenFlow 49
ScreenFlow 50

Step 6

Distort it a bit as shown here and then just erase around it so we keep only the eye.

ScreenFlow 51
ScreenFlow 52
ScreenFlow 53

Step 7

Now go back to the clone tool and select this brush tip for it, at about only 6px.

ScreenFlow 54
ScreenFlow 55

Step 8

Now just clone a bit to complete the eye as shown here.

ScreenFlow 56
ScreenFlow 57

Step 9

Make a duplicate of this layer, rotate it and just erase the top of so we have a complete round retina in the eye. And finally just clone a bit more to complete the White section.

ScreenFlow 58
ScreenFlow 59
ScreenFlow 60

Step 10

Now merge both layers together and grab the smudge tool with the tip shown here. Then just smudge out to make the infected eye.

ScreenFlow 61
ScreenFlow 62
ScreenFlow 63

Step 11

Now reduce the brush size at about 4px and smudge a bit more detail in there.

ScreenFlow 64
ScreenFlow 65

Step 12

We can now re enable the painted layer and then make a color balance layer for the eye adjusted as shown.

ScreenFlow 66
ScreenFlow 67
ScreenFlow 68
ScreenFlow 69

Step 13

Then create a levels layer and set it up as shown here.

ScreenFlow 70
ScreenFlow 71
ScreenFlow 72

Step 14

Lets erase the section shown here.

ScreenFlow 73
ScreenFlow 74

Step 15

Sample some color and paint in some pieces of flesh going from the eye lid down.

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  1. I cannot download the brush, anyway anyone could tell me how to set it, so it fades on both sides...
    Also the other brush.
    Preferebly with sreemshots....
    Thank you.

  2. Nice tutorial but I feel that after step 17 it looks overdone. Also the zombied area of face could be more dark and reddish that would look more natural. By the way extremely well written tutorial.

  3. I'm really liking the tutorials here! But did you really have to use a stock photo of frogs humping each other?

  4. This is amazing! Premium quality tutorial here but the videos should be sped up. You're not kidding when you say it's 10 hours!

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