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Create This Magnificent Sniper Artwork in Photoshop

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  1. Chris says:

    Great Tutorial. Ive been working on my weaknesses, and photo manipulation is one of them. I never even used some of the adjustment techniques in this, so that was a real eye opener. Camera Raw was really cool. Very powerful.

  2. Divair L Rosa says:

    Thank you very much for this tutoria! I gave it a try and submited it here: with due credit :D

  3. Jo says:

    I couldn’t find the skyscraper image from the link provided

  4. John Fortress says:

    WOW. These comments are amazing. Did anyone even do the tutorial? How about the part with the first step where you have to download the skyscraper image, and how it’s not actually available in the link provided…. ? Do we just try with another image that looks kinda similar? Is this tutorial meant to be a “rough guide” ?

  5. David Ewing says:

    I’m looking forward to trying this exercise out with some of my students.

  6. Allure says:

    This kind of work is common, there are several works in this style.

    It would be very interesting if the owner of the website to publish creative tutorials.

  7. For goodness sake why a gun? Such barbarity and not anything to celebrate or glorify. Go take a picture of something less banal and more inspirational.

  8. This is simply wonderful composite work…just one correction she’s not a Sniper as she’s carrying a customized M4 Assault Rifle with Reflex sight & Sound Suppressor attachment..

  9. Mahmoud Ibrahim ElKasrawy, And what’s the similar here – rain?

  10. Long Ago, i made a project that is similar to this.
    You can view all the process in the photo Album + the photo description

    1. And what’s the similar here – rain?

    2. Oops! By the way here is a small list of artworks that were long time ago previous to your artwork and they are very similar to your.

    3. Maybe because they used the same stock which is a model on deviantArt :) .
      and she allows others to use her photos.

    4. Kayla Davion is one, but the characters are different.

    5. I don’t get why you are panicking :)

    6. When a man rolls up to a lie, he loses his face. I panic because there are no more men.

    7. No, you are showing 2 things by that attitude.
      – you Need to grow up
      – you have no self confidence :)

      There is nothing in the world says to attack others work in order to maintain yours. :)

      Although if you just focused alittle. if i say that i did something similar , it would mean that i like yours.

      but as i said. you just need to mentally grow up (Y)

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