Create a Vintage and Romantic Scene of Old Memories in Photoshop

Create a Vintage and Romantic Scene of Old Memories in Photoshop
In Refine Edge set View "On Black" so you can see all the excess. Set checkbox on "Smart Radius" and Set Radius 2.0px. Take a Brush in this window sketch and draw a few times on lace at hem dress and on hands, until you remove background. Also carefully, use edge of the brush, remove background from model hair. When you finish, click OK.

Step 25

Add a layer mask (Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal Selection or use icon on Layer panel) to remove background. Take a Brush Tool (B) (Size: 200px, Opacity: 100%, Hardness: 100%). Select a models layer mask and remove piece of the dress on the right and at the bottom, which goes beyond the frame, to create the look that the model in the photo.
Just in case, I'll write that check Option "Convert for Smart Filters" was not active (Filter > Convert for Smart Filters). If it is active, then convert model layer (Do not worry if it is not active). Duplicate filter "Grain" from Balcony layer (Hold Option/Alt grab and drag filter icon and move them to model layer). Do not change the filter settings, texture was the same. It is important for a realistic picture.
Use Brush Tool (B) (Size: 100px, Opacity: 100% - 50%, Hardness: 0%). On a filter mask remove grain from a part of the model, which comes out from photo. Change Opacity of the brush to make a smooth transition of filter. No need to clean filter with exactly half of the model. Try to approach this matter creatively.

Step 26

Select layers with a model and photography (except frame and texture layer) and unite them into one group (Layer > Group layers or use Cmd/Ctrl + G). Add an adjustment layer "Black & White" above this group as Clipping Mask (Option/Alt+ Cmd/Ctrl + G).
In adjustment layer "Black & White", set preset "Default" and set the settings for each color as shown in image below. I tried not to do contrasting settings of the adjustment layer. We need a neutral range.
Remove on the adjustment layer mask its effect, to show natural color (Brush settings from Step 25). Try to make the transition between color and black and white. In order not remove black and white from picture, but from the model, holding Option/Alt and click on model's layer mask. So you select it and do not damage the background. Try to leave the adjustment layer, not only in places where there was a filter "Grain". That your work will look much more interesting. Be sure to remove the effect of the adjustment layer from model's face, because gotten result is not pretty.

Step 27

While not deselect and create Overlay-neutral Layer above model layer (Layer > New > Layer or Cmd/Ctrl+ Shift+ N with such settings: Mode: Overlay, set check box on "Fill with Overlay-neutral color (50% gray)"). Use the Burn Tool (O) for create shadow and Dodge Tool (O) to create a light. Blue is shadow, and red is light. When finished, deselect image (Cmd/Ctrl + D or Select > Deselect).
To make dress color and model a little brighter and contrasts, I added an adjustment layer "Brightness/Contrast" (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness/Contrast...). Set Brightness: +3, Contrast: +23. Make sure that this layer set as Clipping mask.

Step 28

When everything in right place, you can begin created my interesting effect - bursting edges on photo. To begin, I will create the desired brush. As a basis, I used a standard "Scattered Maple Leaves" Photoshop brush, but I modified it. First select the brush into Brush Presets, then go to Brush tab (F5). Follow the pictures and you will get the desired brush.

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