Create a Vintage and Romantic Scene of Old Memories in Photoshop

Create a Vintage and Romantic Scene of Old Memories in Photoshop
Now let's remove the selected piece. Select layer mask of necessary frame, set background color to black (D) and use Cmd/Ctrl + Del to fill this selection. Piece that you saw disappear.

Step 8

Do the previous step with the remaining two frames. Try not to make much larger crack. You can vary cracks removing any corner frame or whatever you come up with. I advise you to leave some parts of frame of the flat, so they will be more realistic.

Step 9

Now let's create the shadow. Shadow, though short, but should be. To create a shadow to each frame, I added style "Drop Shadow". For each frame will have a shadow with different values, but one angle. On the example of the central frame, I will show how to do it. Go to Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow or use Style icon on a Layer Panel.
Set settings to each value and be sure to set the angle of the shadow (I have angle 104). The angle of the shadow, I focused on the bright spot in the upper left corner of a wooden texture. If you set the angle for one style, it will continue for the rest.

Step 10

Add style "Drop Shadow" to every layer with the frames as shown in images below.

Step 11

We proceed to the transformation of this frames in the old photographs. And we start with the side frames. First make the left frame. Go to File > Place (Place Embedded), select image "edinburgh_street_by_europestock" (Edinburgh street).
Flip Horizontal this image, it will look more interesting. Go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal. Use the Free Transform tool (Ctrl/Cmd+ T or Edit > Free Transform) to resize, shape and the angle of the dark field of frame, like shown in the image below. Try to picture fills the entire dark area. Let the photos a little beyond the edge (but just a little, 2-3px).

Step 12

Change Blending Mode to "Overlay" and set Opacity: 62%. So has become like an old photo. Now Let's give a little bit of antiquity. Go to Filter > Filter Gallery...
In Filter Gallery open folder "Texture" and select filter "Grain". This filter adds a bit of color noise and give grain, which is typical for old photos. Make settings like shown in the image below.

Step 13

Now I have decided to add a little spots on the image to create the effect of fading and damage in a "long journey". Create a New Layer (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + N or use new layer icon on Layer panel).
Now we need a special brush to spot look realistic. I used the usual "Chalk" brush (it is in a standard set of Photoshop brushes), but I modified it. Select brush "Chalk 60 pixels" and press F5 to move in Brush settings.
Make settings like shown in the images below. Be sure to save this brush, because it will be needed us in future. Set brush Opacity: 40%. If you have a brush with a more interesting texture or shape, you can use them. If the spots will come out beyond the old photo, then remove it, used Eraser Tool (E).

Step 14

Set the color #a3a3a3 and draw a spots on the photo, but do not overdo it :) Do not need too many spots, quite a few in different places. Try to put one spot, so that it be one flow. Change Blending Mode to this layer to "Overlay".

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