Create a Vintage and Romantic Scene of Old Memories in Photoshop

Create a Vintage and Romantic Scene of Old Memories in Photoshop

Create a Vintage and Romantic Scene of Old Memories in Photoshop

Step 32

Open image "pink_rose_necklace_jewelry_stock_2_by_beccab_323-d6ydblf" (Pink rose jewelry), (Cmd/Ctrl + O). Use Magic Wand Tool to select all white space (hold Shift to add other color to the selection). When you are finished, Inverse selection (Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + I) and move necklace into you working document.


Decrease size (Cmd/Ctrl + T), place and rotate necklace, that blurred part of the chain is outside the working area and are consistent with the scale of other objects.


Step 33

I decided to make a chain a little more realistic, why I used Puppet Warp (Edit > Puppet Warp) but before applying "Puppet Warp" I convert this layer to Smart Object (Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object). So you can apply "Puppet Warp" with preservation the previous and the original state of the object.


We now proceed to the transformation. Put in chain on the right side three points, two on the left and one on the loop and drag each point in the direction of the arrow as shown in image below. Try to change the chain, so that it curves on edges of framework. This will create the effect of naturalness of a scene. Point on the connecting ring, you can set the direction of a medallion.


Add style "Drop Shadow” (Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow) with settings, as shown in image. Almost all. The most difficult thing we passed. It remains only to add a few more elements.


Step 34

Now add the rose. With it, the picture looks soft and romantic, but it makes an uncertain person who sees this photos. Place red rose image "red_rose_6_by_turtledove_stock" into working document (File > Place (Place Embedded)). Use Quick Selection Tool (W) to select rose. Add a layer mask to remove background. Transform (Cmd/Ctrl + T) and place a rose where you like. Add style "Drop Shadow" with settings like as shown in image.


Step 35

I will integrate all the layers into one group "Objects" (Cmd/Ctrl+ G). Do the same (Step 34) with coins "Euro_coints". Only coins layer must be under all groups and before background layer. But coins are too little, so duplicate (Cmd/Ctrl + J or Layer > Duplicate Layer...) this layer twice and place coins, as shown in image.

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