How to Change Ordinary Photo into Fantasy Photo Manipulation

How to Change Ordinary Photo into Fantasy Photo Manipulation
To resize it go to Edit > Free Transform or simply press Ctrl + T on your keyboard. Set the size similar as on the preview picture and change also rotation of the picture. Hold Ctrl while resizing to keep the same proportion.
Press Enter to apply the changes.

Step 19 - Blending the Butterfly

Butterfly you've just added has only one purpose - to give you the idea of shape where you're adding the broken glass later. Because of that it's better if you see only borders of it and don't be distracted by colors. To desaturate the butterfly click on its layer (BUTTERFLY) and press Ctrl + U to activate the Hue/Saturation adjustment. Set the value Saturation on -100 to loose all colors.
To blend the butterfly better with the rest of the picture change its Blending Mode from Normal to Overlay. Because of this blending mode you'll see only borders which is ideal for your purpose. After this step your image should be similar to the one below.

Step 20 - Adding Broken Glass

Creating the butterfly from broken glass is actually very easy. The whole point of it is to find shards which has similar shape as outer border of the butterfly and move them there. Download photo of broken glass listed in the beginning of the tutorial and drag it into the manipulation. Place it on the top of all layers and name it GLASS. To blend it properly with the rest of the image change the Blending Mode of the GLASS from Normal to Screen. (Remember that you used the same blending mode to blend bokeh? Principle here is the same - you want to make black transparent and white let visible, so Screen Blending Mode is the best choice for you.) Now grab the Lasso Tool (L) and select one of the pieces of glass. Then grab the Move Tool (V) and move it on butterfly. Press Ctrl + D to deselect it. Repeat the same process over and over again till you fill the whole body of butterfly. It may sound bit boring but trust me that it takes no more that ten minutes.
Your butterfly should be similar to the one below after you finish with this step.

Step 21 - Adjusting the Glass

If you look at your picture right now you can see that the butterfly would look better if it's bit brighter. You'll fix it in this step.
Add new adjustment layer Levels and set the Input Levels on 12; 0,85; 227.
You want to make brighter and more contrasted only the butterfly not the rest of the image. Fill the layer mask of Levels adjustment color with black color. Then grab the Brush Tool (B), set the Opacity on 100% and pick white color. Paint over the butterfly.

Step 22 - More Bokeh

Right now the upper part of image is too empty which doesn't look interesting. The whole image also looks static. It will help to add some more bokeh. Bokeh in this image is not just because it looks nice or something like this. In fact it A) represents blurred pieces of glass and B) helps creating impression of space. Drag "big bokeh" textures into your photo manipulation and place it on the top of all layers. Name the new layer BIG BOKEH and change its Blending Mode on Screen to blend it properly. Because you want to create impression of space this bokeh should look like it's in front of the girl. Because of that it has to be bigger that other bokeh in the picture. To do that press Ctrl + T on your keyboard and make it as big as necessary. Press Enter to apply the changes.

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