How to Change Ordinary Photo into Fantasy Photo Manipulation

How to Change Ordinary Photo into Fantasy Photo Manipulation
If you look at your picture right now you can see that there are some empty, uninteresting places. I highlighted them on the following picture so you can better see what I am talking about.
Place on these areas some small bokeh. The way how to do it is the same as placing BIG BOKEH. your image should look like shown on the following picture.

Step 23 - Adding Shadow

Only two more steps and you're done! In this step you're making shadow under the girl bit more visible and adding some lights on her fringe. Add new layer on the top of all layers and name it e.g. SHADOW AND FRINGE. Grab the Brush Tool (B). Select some soft round brush, set the Master Diameter on 250 pixels and lower the Opacity on 10%. Pick some dark brown color and paint shadow under the girl. On the picture below it's highlighted where to paint.
Now pick some very light cyan color and gently paint over girl's fringe. Below it's highlighted again where to paint.

Step 24 - Sharpening

This is the promised last step and it will be very quick. You're sharpening the picture. To do that press Ctrl + A to select the whole picture and Ctrl + Shift + C to copy it merged. Then press Ctrl + V to paste it. Place this new merged layer on the top of all layers and name it SHARPENING. Go to Filter > Other > High Pass and set the value Radius so you're able to see gentle edges of the picture. Press OK.
To blend the layer properly with the rest of the image change its Blending Mode on Overlay.

Final Results


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