How to Create a Red Riding Hood Artwork in Photoshop

How to Create a Red Riding Hood Artwork in Photoshop
How to Create a Red Riding Hood Artwork in Photoshop

Learn how to create this fantasy photo manipulation of Red Riding Hood. This tutorial will show you how to work with the Pen tool, create an illusion of depth, lighting, and more!

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Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood Photoshop Tutorial

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Step 1

Extract the model from the original image; I used the Quick selection tool to make this, because there's a lot of contrast between the model and the background. So this will make it easier.


Step 2

After your selection is done. Press CTRL + J to duplicate the selection, and you will have something like this:


Step 3

Then you can fix little details from the basket with the polygonal lasso tool.


Press delete to erase the selection.


Step 4

Press CTRL + N to open a new file with 1500 x 1500 pixels.


Step 5

Open the forest stock and with the move tool put it in the new file you opened before.


Step 6

Change the size of the forest pressing CTRL + T then in the options you find in the upper side of the image put W: -70 and H: 70. That will reduce the image to a 70% of the original side. Press Enter to apply the changes.


Step 7

To make the field, I used this image.


Step 8

Erase a part of the field with the eraser tool.


You'll get something like this:


Step 9

Then you have to change this layer color. To do it press CTRL + U, and click the option colorize.


Now we are going to put the option Hue at 13, the option saturation at 28 and the lightness in -15.


Step 10

Now we are going to add the flowers layer.


Step 11

After adding the new layer, you have to change the size once again pressing CTRL + T. Until you get the desired result. In this case I reduce the size to a 60%.


Step 12

Let's change the color again to get that brownish tones. Press CTRL+ U and click in colorize. I used Hue: 16 Saturation: 25 and Lightness: -5.


Step 13

Put the layer in soft light mode light this:


Step 14

Press CTRL + T to rotate a little bit the layer.


Step 15

Pass the eraser in the areas you don't want this layer to be visible. I used a soft brush to achieve this result.


Step 16

Now create a new group. Press the folder that is in lower part of the screen.


Put the background layers in this new group. Just grab the layers and put then over the folder.


Step 17

When you have all the layers in the folder, you can convert it into a smart objet. To do that: give a right click in the folder and press the option smart object.

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