How to Create a Red Riding Hood Artwork in Photoshop

How to Create a Red Riding Hood Artwork in Photoshop
Modify color pressing CTRL+U in colorize mode. Adjust hue at 207 and press ok.

Step 21

Duplicate that layer once again. Change color CTRL+U. just add more saturation 30%. Also reduce the fill of the layer at 70%.

Step 22

Transfer the model to the background and fix the size pressing CTRL+J.

Step 23

Open a stock picture from a rock and cut the rock out with quick selection tool.

Step 24

Put the stone layer before the model's layer and reduce the size with CTRL+T.

Step 25

Select mode's hood with the polygonal lasso tool and duplicate the layer CTRL+J.

Step 26

Change the color of the hood pressing CTRL+U in saturation put -40.

Step 27

: Duplicate the hood layer again. Change it to multiply mode and reduce opacity to 50% and Fill to 70%.

Step 28

Return to the model's layer, and select her dress with lasso tool and then duplicate the layer with CTRL+J.
Reduce the saturation. Press CTRL + U. and in the option saturation put -100. In that way the dress will be black.

Step 29

Now select the model skin, and press CTRL+J to duplicate the layer.

Step 30

Go to filter-> Blur-> Surface Blur, and add 7 pixels for radius and for threshold to make the skin softer.

Step 31

Change the color of the skin, pressing CTRL+U. Saturation -60.

Step 32

To make the eyes brighter, select the eyes with the lasso tool, duplicate the layer CTRL+J. and change the layer mode to color dodge.
Also if you want to make her eyes another color, just have to make some adjustments pressing CTRL+U. Using the layer in color mode.

Step 33

Create a new layer pressing SHIFT+CTRL+N, and paint with a soft brush over the model's cheeks to make the blush, with a pink tone.

Step 34

Put the layer in multiply, and add some Gaussian blur. Go to filter -> blur -> Gaussian Blur. Add 10 of radius. You can change the opacity of the layer as much as you like.

Step 35

The eyeshadows, this step is very easy cause you can play with colors. Create a new layer Shift+Ctrl+N. used a soft round brush in the model's eye.
Then change the layer to multiply, and used smudge tool to make it softer. Repeat this process with another color to get a better effect.

Step 36

To paint the hair I used the pen tool. Create a new layer, then select the freeform pen tool and star drawing the hair with the mouse.

Step 37

Give a right click in the image and you are going to have a menu, choose the Stroke Path option.
Then select Brush Pressure.
And the Result is this one. Also you can use Blur tool to make the strokes softer.

Step 38

To make more hair you can duplicate the layer you just made and just change color or shape using free transform. CTRL+T. option Warp.
In the first Image you see the warp option, then I change the color so you can see where are the hairs from that layer.

Step 39

We are going to add some shadow under the basket. Create a new layer, the paint with a soft brush under the basket.
Then add some Blur. Filter-> Blur -> Gaussian blur.
You will get this result

Step 40

Now we need to fix the model's dress, in the bottom, to do this I used the eraser. Until you get something like this:

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