How to Create This Freezing Cold Portrait Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

How to Create This Freezing Cold Portrait Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Step 36

Take the crystal image,drag it into Photoshop and extract it from it's background like we did before. Bring the Hue and Saturation menu and apply the next setting to give the crystals a matching blue hue:

Step 37

Resize the crystal and place it on the coat.Duplicate this layer as needed to fill the edges:

Step 38

Take the frost texture and place it on top of the crystals and erase with a soft eraser brush to blend:

Step 39

Repeat the same for the other side.You may want to decrease again the Brightness and increase the Contrast on this side to match the light on the composition.

Step 40

Duplicate a couple more times the frost texture and blend on some parts of the coat like the sleeves:

Step 41

For the last touches we are going to create some nice flares to finish off our manipulation.Create a new layer on top of all the other layers and take the brush tool.Select a 100 pixel round brush with 0%hardness and 100%opacity.Now select two contrasting shades of blue (#0b2089,#12dec4) and paint two little circles with this colors and one little white:

Step 42

Go to the menu Filter>Blur>Motion blur and apply the next settings:

Step 43

Now duplicate this layer about 5 times or until you get something like this and merge them (Ctrl+E):

Step 44

Apply a motion blur once again and change the layer blending mode to "Screen". Then go to the menu Filter>Sharpen>Sharpen and apply it 3 times. Shrink the flare a little bit and duplicate it 3 times.Place the duplicated flares on the brightest spots of the image (Lamps and ice reflections)

Step 45

Duplicate again and rotate them 90° and arrange to for crosses where the light meets the flare:

Step 46

Create a new layer and take a soft round brush of about 100 pixels wide and 70% opacity.With color white paint little hints of light on the crosses of the flares:

Final Results


Download the PSD | 6.63 MB Download from Website

This tutorial was brought to you by Edmar Cisneros

profileThis is how we end this tutorial. I hope you liked it and please experiment using different stock images and values from what I showed you here for different results. Also use this effects in your own compositions and concepts and don't forget to have fun with this!

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