How to Create an Underwater Abstract Art in Photoshop

How to Create an Underwater Abstract Art in Photoshop

How to Create an Underwater Abstract Art in Photoshop

Step 21 - Light Textures

I wanted a more magical feeling to it, so the best thing to do would be adding light textures by Sanami276, because they reminded me of fairy dust. You can download the pack here if you don't have anything similar.

I picked a blue one.


Next place it slightly above the main C4D and erase about 1/3 of it. After all, too much of it is no good.

Then set it to Linear Dodge.

Step 22 - Another Light Texture

From the same pack, pick another one that has this orange color.


Erase a few bits here and there, and rotate slightly to get the best angle.

Set it to Screen.

You'll realize that in this tuorial, I change the blending mode after transforming and rotating. I do this so that it'll be easier to understand and see the changes I've made. However, in real practice, it's much easier to set the blending mode first, then proceed with erasing.

Step 23 - Textures

Using Sanami276's resources again, pick one that has tiny particles everywhere like this one does to add to the surrounding of the streak of light.


But we want shiny tiny particles, so invert the colors by hitting Ctrl+I or Image > Adjustments > Invert.

Erase some parts, and choose the best position.

And Screen 60%.

Now do the same for the other side.

And Screen 80%.

Step 24 - Glitter Brush

Well, I'm still not happy with it. So this time we're going to do it manually. Take out the default soft brush and apply the following settings.


Brush it in this direction.

After a few trials you should something beautiful like this:

Step 25 - Effect

If you've been to Lost & Taken's Light Blurs download page (link above), you might have noticed this stock.


We're going to use this stock to add in some mild effect and lighting. Rotate the image for the best angle, and you might want to warp it a little so that it fits perfectly. Press Ctrl+T for Free Transform, then right click and selectWarp. Use your mouse and drag freely until you're happy with it.

Set it to Screen 40%

Step 26 - Scribble

Next, use a 1~3px Hard Brush with default settings and change your foreground color to White. I used 1px here. Brush freely with your mouse to fill up the spaces which seem to be rather blank. I positioned my mouse at 45 degrees and just brushed back and forth. Make sure that you brush each stroke fairly quickly to avoid squiggly lines. Then, set the layer to Normal 70%.

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  1. Elle, Glad you got value from the post. I think it's great too. And, I think people often unstmedeirate the curiosity and adventurous spirit in these age groups!

  2. Thank you for the tutorial. It turned into my first photoshop project; took me a few hours and some frustration, especially at the beginning, but I feel I understand it much better now :) your directions were also very clear!

  3. I really can't find the C4D craze from stinky666, can you maybe share the picture or a link to the picture?

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