Create a “Clock Up” Wallpaper in Photoshop

Create a “Clock Up” Wallpaper in Photoshop

Step 9

Hide texture layer, then create a selection on the front face of the 3D text using Magic Wand tool. To make selection easier, make sure you select the Add to selection option and Sample All Layer is checked from the option bar.

Step 10

Reverse selection by pressing Shift+Ctrl+I. Make sure you're on the texture layer, now click Add layer mask button to transform the selection into layer mask. Now you can see the texture only appears inside the extrusion areas.

Step 11

Make a copy of texture layer (simply pressing Ctrl+J would works) then clear the layer mask, but keep the clipping mask activated.This time, change the blend mode to multiply.

Step 12

Back to clock up layer, add Gradient Overlay for it. Inside Gradient Overlay dialog, choose Overlay as the blend mode then adjust gradient color, so it will be mix between blue and purple color.

Step 13

Open space universe image, select then make a copy of it below clock up layer, rename it to space layer. Go toed it> Transform> Rotate 90 CW menu to rotate space image. Later, use free transform command ( press Ctrl+T ) to decrease space image size.

Step 14

Duplicate space layer by pressing Ctrl+J and change the blend mode to Screen. Now blur the space copy layer by using Filter> Blur> Radial Blur.

Step 15

Go back to the original space layer then add a layer mask. Use the radialGradient tool ( with gradient color from white to black ) to mask the space layer. When done, do the same for space copy layer.

Step 16

Open cosmos image, select then copy it below clock up layer but above space layers. Change its blend mode to Screen then decrease cosmos image size to fit the canvas ( Edit> Free Transform or press Ctrl+T ).

Step 17

Add a layer mask to cosmos layer, then redo drawing gradient mask using radialGradient tool (like we did instep 15 ).

Step 18

Open the sun rise image. Select and then copy it between clock up and cosmos layer. Change the layer blend mode to Screen then adjust its position using the Move tool. Why we're using blend mode screen so often? Simply because using blend mode Screen will hide all the black colors. Thus, making our work easier because all the stock images (planet, space, cosmos) will blend easily, since they all having black background..

Step 19

Open blue planet image, select it using Elliptical Marquee tool with Feather value around 15px. Then copy-paste it between the clock up and sun rise layer. As usual, change the blend mode to Screen and then adjust its size and position like shown in the below screenshot.

Step 20

Open another planet image which is brown colored planet. Use the same selection method in step 19 to select this brown planet. Place brown planet layer above blue planet layer, don't forget to change the blend mode and adjust the planet size/position.

Step 21

Add plasma explosion lighting image, place it above the brown planet layer. Use free transform command to rotate the lighting image like shown below.

Step 22

Change lighting layer's blend mode to Screen then add a layer mask. Although we did change the blend mode to screen, lighting image edge part was still remain visible. We need to get rid of those edges right? to do that, use soft round Brush tool with 50% opacity. Pick black as your brush color, then paint on the edge parts to hide it.

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