Quick-Tip: Create Glossy Plastic Text in Photoshop

Quick-Tip: Create Glossy Plastic Text in Photoshop

Step 12

Inner Glow settings. Notice that Darken as the Blend Mode to produce a darker color blend.

Step 13

Outer Glow settings. Blend Mode is Darker Color to produce a partial darker color blend.

Step 14

Inner Shadow settings. Here Blend Mode is Multiply to produce a very dark outer edge.

Step 15

Drop Shadow settings. Drop Shadow is not creating shadow here. But to create the bright light is passing from the edges of a translucent object.

Step 16

Satin settings for creating bright surface reflections. Color Dodge as a Blend Mode is helping to do that. In the contour use Ring – Double for lots of light reflections but for subtlety reduce the Opacity below the Blend Mode to 15%.

Step 17

After finishing the basic Plastic style.

Step 18

Right click on the "base style" layer and choose Duplicate Layer. Rename the duplicate layer as "secondary highlights". Double click on the layer to open Layer Style dialogue box and uncheck everything besides Bevel and Emboss and Satin. Match below settings.

Step 19

Now click on the Satin Style and use settings from below. Contour is Ring – Double, but this time with much higher opacity.

Step 20

This is after finishing "secondary highlights" layer.

Step 21

Duplicate the "secondary highlights" layer and rename into "primary highlights". Double click on the layer to open the Layer Style dialogue box. In The Bevel and Emboss match the settings from below.

Step 22

Drop Shadow settings. This is to boost the light passing from the edge look more.

Step 23

This is after finishing the "primary highlights" layer.

Step 24

The Plastic style is complete now. But let's tweak it little more. Target the "primary highlights" layer and press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E to create a copy merged layer on top of it. Rename it to "upper reflections". Duplicate the layer and rename it to "surface reflections". Drag or reposition the "surface reflections" layer below the "base layer". Reduce the opacity of the "surface reflections" layer to 20%. Now target the "upper reflections" layer to 10% and change the blend mode to Multiply. Below is the result.

Step 25

Create a new layer with the name "glow" on top of "upper reflections" layer and with a soft brush and white color spots (glow) on top of the highlight areas. Reduce the opacity to 50%. While working with the Brush tool if you press Alt button, the Brush tool will temporary change into Eyedropper tool. With that temporary Eyedropper toll mode select bright blue colors from the highlight areas directly and paint some bright blue spots also. Reduce the "glow" layer opacity to 50%. Here's the image with the layers after finishing the glow painting.

Step 26

Create a Curve Adjustment Layer by clicking on the fourth button from left below the Layers Palette. In the Curve window create s-curve or contrast curve to adjust the overall contrast.

Step 27

Now target the "glow" layer and reduce the opacity to 20%. Duplicate the "glow" layer and rename "glow 2". Move the layer to top and change the opacity to 40%. Congratulation, Transparent Plastic Effect is now complete.

Final Results

Tutorial by Arindam Bhaduri

Arindam Bhaduri is a designer and an Adobe Certified Instructor. He is currently teaching Communication Design in Kolkata, India. - Arindam Bhaduri.

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29 comments on “Quick-Tip: Create Glossy Plastic Text in Photoshop”

  1. Glossy text effect is very impressive and you made this task look very easy with nice screenshots and clear description. Keep posting more of them.

  2. This tutorial was terrible! Half of it doesn't make sense and it's not very clear! I got to step 7 and couldn't do anymore because it wasn't clear enough, then tells me to delete the text layer. WTF?

  3. Really superb...... very simple steps... and easy to understand...

    thank u very much....

  4. This is a great tutorial!! However I realized too late that it doesn't work on text that are too long. Anyone trying this should stick with 3 letter text or less. The issue starts when you do the blur and levels... it turns it into a blob-by illegible text.

    1. yeah, i do the same with you, and i realized that is doesnt work on my text. "SMARTCLOTH" or " CHAPTER K" haha. but its fantastic tutorial i think. :)

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