Text Effects


Picture 38b[6]


Step 46 – Text Reflection — A

Duplicate the text layer. Hit (control/command + T), and right click to flip the text upside down (vertical).

Picture 38c[6]


Step 47 – Text Reflection — B

Move it down like you see below, so that it looks like a reflection.

Picture 39[6]

Step 48 – Text Reflection — C

Move the reflection layer below “layer 1”, or whatever layer name you have that has a blue gradient on it. Set the reflection layer’s opacity to 50%.

Picture 40a[6]

Picture 40[6]

Step 49 – Finishing Touches — A

Go back and find your original and upright text layer. Turn on the visibility of that black layer (if you deleted it, just make another, and put it right underneath the text layer) and put it underneath the text layer. Click on the text layer in your palette, and then hit (control/command + E) to merge the layers. You should see this below:

Picture 41[6]

Step 50 – Finishing Touches — B

Set the blending mode for this layer to “linear dodge (add)”. Then your text should really glow. And then you’re done.

Picture Final[6]

Step 51 – Conclusion

Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of the tutorial! I hope you understood what was going on, and enjoyed learning about this effect as much as I did teaching it. I encourage you to keep playing around with this effect, practice the techniques, and try to improve on areas here and there that you think could use improvement. It is all up to you as the artist — good luck!
Below are two versions of this finished effect that I’ve done.

Tron Grid

Tron Grid 2

Download the PSD (25 MB)

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