Turn a Regular Headshot Into a Cold Winter Portrait

Turn a Regular Headshot Into a Cold Winter Portrait

Step 21

To create the glitter we are going to used another image. I cut a part of the image with the lasso tool and then put that selection over the model.

Step 22

Erase the parts you don't need from the selection, putting the layer in soft light. Then put the layer at 70% of opacity. Repeat this with the other eye. Also you can change the color of the glitter. I desatured this one a little bit.

Step 23

Remember to put some eyeshadow in the lower part of the eye. I used an intense dark blue and add some Gaussian blur. Also, the layer is in normal mode.

Step 24

Also to make the eye stand out even more you can add a white line under the eyebrow with the pen tool.

Step 25

Used smudge tool to make the white line softer and then reduce the opacity of the layer to 50%.

Step 26

Paint over the eyebrows of the model with a soft brush and reduce the layer opacity to 70% to make the eyebrows darker.

Step 27

To end with the eyeshadows paint with a soft brush using pastel cyan and white
Add some Gaussian blur and put the layer in overlay at 70% to get this result.

Step 28

Create a new layer to make some reflections in the lips and skin with pen tool and soft brushes.
Use the smudge tool to make the reflections softer and reduce opacity and fill to 70%.

Step 29

To make the model's hair I used some brushes.

Step 30

Also, I used the pen tool to create more hair.

Step 31

Now we are going to start with the lighting and coloring. Add a new layer and paint it blue, also a little bit of white in the center and black in the edges.
Then apply Gaussian blur with 100% radius
And used the layer in soft light.

Step 32

Add a new layer and use the gradient tool. I used in this layer pink and blue. Also apply Gaussian blur to make it softer.
Used Soft Light

Step 33

Add a new gradient with dark blue and use once again the layer in soft light with 70% of opacity.

Step 34

Paint the model's skin with a blue tone using a soft brush.
Use the layer in soft light with 70% of opacity and fill.

Step 35

Duplicate the model's original layer CTRL + J and change the color pressing CTRL + U

Step 36

Paint light with a soft brush with 70% of opacity using white color, then put the layer in soft light.

Step 37

Add a new layer and use the paint bucket tool with the color 60% gray. Put the layer in overlay and paint over that layer with dodge and burn tool to create shadows and lights.

Step 38

Add some snow, I used brushes for this.

Step 39

To end with this manipulation I reduce the saturation a -20. And that's it!!!

Final Results

Download the PSD

Winter Portrait.zip | 9.43 MB

Tutorial by Andrea Garcia

profileI hope you get good results with this tutorial. You can check more of my art at:www.andygoth666.deviantart.com - Andrea García
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21 comments on “Turn a Regular Headshot Into a Cold Winter Portrait”

  1. I find a lot of your tutorials very very good. This one could have been good but it's lazy. You have left out very important parts if the tutorial is to followed closely..And I do not understand why you would do this??

  2. You did a wonderful job with this tutorial. It turned out fantastic. I know what I am talking about. Thank you for taking the time and put up tutorials that are so easy to follow.
    Thank you

  3. this was a wonderful tutorial! I just started using PS, and this tutorial was very simple to follow. I changed a few things up, and mined turned out as a Lady Loki :) I've attached it if you'd like to see...

  4. lovely tutorial, I attempted making a winter portrait myself following your instructions - turned out just great :)

  5. where did her pupils go?? lol Is she married to the abominable snowman...or bigfoot? Maybe they like blue eyeshadow..

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