6 Ways to Work Faster in Photoshop

6 Ways to Work Faster in Photoshop
For busy people who just don't seem to have enough time, try out these 6 tips on how to work faster in Photoshop. You'll learn some new Photoshop CC features and best practices such as how to use the Libraries, keystroke combinations, tools you can buy and more. Video Transcript
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One comment on “6 Ways to Work Faster in Photoshop”

  1. Hi Denny,
    Thanks for your videos and tutorials, they are always professionnal, i work with photoshop since 25 years and still learn with your tutos ;)
    To work faster in photoshop can be achived with javascript too.
    I grouped all my javascript scripts in a js palette that i launch it with a keystroke in PS then click on the icon which is linked to the javascript i want to use.
    Javascripts work much faster than Photoshop scripts in case of batch treatments or long multi operations on a single file.

    i hope my frenglish is understandable :)

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