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Combine a Crocodile with a Car to Create an Exotic Crocomobile

by on June 16, 2013

Learn how to merge animals in Photoshop with this tutorial that will teach you how to chop photos and blend them together. This is a simple tutorial but to get great results, you'll need some patience, an eye for details, and some imagination. Read this tutorial and find out how you can easily create your own animal-vehicle creation in Photoshop.

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Create a Frozen Scene Inspired by “The Day After Tomorrow”

by on June 18, 2012

In this tutorial we will learn to combine several stock images to create a frozen post-apocalyptic image inspired by the movie "The day after tomorrow". The techniques explained in this tutorial can be easily used in different winter related photo manipulations.

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Create an Intense “Wings of Fire” Photo Manipulation

by on July 18, 2011

In this tutorial you will learn advanced tips to create different shapes made from fire and how to use filters, adjustment layers and masks to create this stunning effect.

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The Making of “The Birth of Venus” Digital Art

by on April 18, 2011

In this tutorial you will learn how to make 3d objects, easy and fast and integrate them in a photo manipulation. We will make grids and meshes using them in a very unique way to obtain a very colorful and visually impressive artwork.

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The Babel Tower Photo Manipulation

by on November 21, 2010

In this tutorial we will learn how to create one big construction from many architectural parts. In the steps below I will show you how to combine the traditional photo manipulation with matte painting resulting in a renaissance piece. A PSD is included with this Photoshop tutorial.

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