Realistic Watercolor and Acrylic Painting Effects

You can turn any photo into artistic painting effects with just one click. Simply load the actions into Photoshop, play an action, and you’ll get a painting effect. And for the professionals, you can adjust every layer. The effects are nondestructive and they won’t merge your layers.

Lite vs Pro

The free Lite download will give you three painting effects (Modern Watercolor, Stenciled Acrylic, and Neon Watercolor on Black). You can upgrade to the Pro version to get all eight effects.



These actions combine seamless textures made from real acrylic and watercolor paint. The download comes with two files, a Photoshop Actions file and a Photoshop Patterns file – both need to be loaded into Photoshop before you can use them.




Download Watercolor and Acrylic Painting Effects

To install, simply doubleclick the ATN and PAT files. The actions will appear in your Actions panel (Window > Actions). For more help, read our article on how to use Photoshop actions.

  • Modern Watercolor
  • Stenciled Acrylic
  • Neon Watercolor on Black
  • Complementary Watercolor
  • Stenciled Watercolor Splatters
  • Pen and Watercolor
  • Grunge Acrylic
  • Neon Acrylic on Black