Preview of Final Results

Create a Flash Game Mockup Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1 – Create a new image file

Open Photoshop and create a new image (Ctrl+N or File > New). Use your own settings. Fill the background with a light blue color (#addafd).


Step 2 – Adding the canyon layer

Create a new layer (C+Shift+N or Layer > New > Layer). Use the Pen tool (P) and make a canyon shape. Select it and fill it with dark brown (#1d0f00).


Step 3 – Adding depth to the canyon

Use the Pen tool and create random shapes on the canyon. These shapes are going to represent the highlights of the canyon. Select them and fill them with light brown (#261404).


Step 4 – Adding a glow to the background

Use the Brush tool (B) and select a basic brush with a soft edge. Select the background layer and draw a yellow (#ffbd30) spot behind the canyon.


Step 5 – Adding clouds

Create a new layer behind the canyon. Use the Pen tool to create some cloud shapes. Right click on the path then choose Make Selection. Fill the selection with white.


Set the opacity to about 32%.