Create a Flash Game Mockup in Photoshop: “The Outlaws”

Create a Flash Game Mockup in Photoshop: “The Outlaws”

Create a Flash Game Mockup in Photoshop: “The Outlaws”

Step 8 – Adding the game title

Use the Type tool and write out the name of the game with the following settings:

  • Font face: Stencil
  • Color: #ee8a00

Rasterize the layer (right click on the layer then choose Rasterize). Use the Free Transform tool (Ctrl+T) on the title to create a different perspective.


Duplicate (Ctrl+J) the layer. Fill the bottom layer with black and move the black layer a few notches to the right. Set the Opacity to 60%.


Select the layer with the orange text and change the layer settings to the following:

  • Check “Inner Shadow”
  • Blend Mode: Multiply
  • Opacity: 75%
  • Angle: 137º; check “Use Global Light”
  • Distance: 5
  • Choke: 0
  • Size: 5

Create a new layer. Pick a basic brush with a hard edge. Select the text layer.


Fill the bottom of the text with white. Set the layer opacity to about 25%.


Step 9 – Setting complete

Save your image and start a new file for your characters.


Step 10 – Sketching the characters

Use a white piece of paper and a black pen or pencil to draw your characters. In this tutorial, I only drew three faces. To make your work easier, you could also draw their bodies. Scan the paper and drag the jpeg image into Photoshop. In this tutorial, I have named the characters: The Sheriff, Fat Thief, and Evil Thief.


Step 11 – Editing The Sheriff’s face

Create a new layer on top of the scanned version. Use the Pen tool and follow the lines in your sketch. You don’t have to trace everything at once. Once you have completed tracing, select the Brush tool. Change your brush tip to around 3-4 pixels and set the opacity to 100%. Use a thicker tip (5-7 pixels) for the eyebrows, and a thinner tip (2-3 pixels) for his wrinkles. Select the path that you traced and Stroke it (right click > Stroke Path > Brush).


Step 12 – Adding the Sheriff’s body

Follow Step 11 to draw the Sheriff’s body. If you had sketched it beforehand, this step would be easier. If you didn’t sketch it, just keep it simple. Make sure The Sheriff has a costume fitting his character (i.e. belt, jacket, boots, guns).


Step 13 – Adding the Sheriff’s badge

Click on the Custom Shape tool and select a shape of a star. Choose a yellow (#8b6d25) color and place the shape on the Sheriff.


Add some Texture (Layer palette > Bevel and Emboss > Texture) with the following settings:

  • Pattern: choose a cloth like texture
  • Scale: 1
  • Depth: +91
  • Check “Link with Layer”

Add a Drop Shadow (Layer palette > Drop Shadow) with the following settings:

  • Blend Mode: Multiply
  • Opacity: 75%
  • Angle: -49º; check “Use Global Light”
  • Distance: 5
  • Spread: 0
  • Size: 5
  • Check “Layer Knocks Out Drop Shadow”

Step 14 – Filling in the Sheriff’s face and hand

Create a new layer under the layer with the outline. Use the Fill tool and fill his face with cream (#f1d9b3).

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