Create a Flash Game Mockup in Photoshop: “The Outlaws”

Create a Flash Game Mockup in Photoshop: “The Outlaws”

Create a Flash Game Mockup in Photoshop: “The Outlaws”

Step 15 – Changing the outline for his Hat, Jacket and Boots

Since the jacket and boots are going to be black, you should make the outline gray. Select the outline of the jacket and boots. Use the Brush tool to paint over the outline with gray (#6b727b).


Step 16 – Filling in the rest of the Sheriff’s outfit

Select the layer under the layer of the outline again. Fill his boots, coat, and hat with black (#000000). Fill his pants and waistcoat with dark blue (#2b3d55). Fill his shirt with light gray (#998d8d). Fill the lining of his coat with dark gray (#6b727b).


Fill the belt with a warm brown (#af8142).

Place a star on top of it (refer to Step 13).


I didn’t draw guns in my sketch, so I’m adding them now. If you sketched them beforehand, this would be easier. Fill the holder with a dark brown (#4a1700). Fill the inner grip with a light brown (#4d2602). Fill the grip edge with gray (#89847b).


Step 17 – Creating depth

Dodge the end of the grip and holders to add light. Burn the curved areas and the tips to add shadows.


Dodge the Sheriff’s cheeks and chin to add light. Burn the back of his head and the creases to add shadows.


Dodge the sides of the Sheriff’s tummy and his thighs to add light. Burn the center of his stomach, along the buttons, and behind his legs to add shadows.


Step 18 – The Sheriff

Your first character, The Sheriff, is completed, and should look like this:


Step 19 – The Evil Thief

Refer to Step 11 to Stroke a Path for the Evil Thief’s face and body.


Step 20 – Filling in the Evil Thief

Create a new layer under the outline you just created. Fill his hair and steers with dark brown (#180e06). Fill the bandana with red (#610a17). Fill the strip around his hat with chocolate brown (#503619). Fill the rest of his hat with light brown (#e4ad6c). Fill his face and hands with cream (#ffdeba). Fill his boots with camel brown (#ce9857).


Fill his pants in with charcoal gray (#373329). Fill his shirt and belt buckle with gray (#8a7c6a). Fill the dynamite with mustard yellow (#df9d11). Fill his belt with brown (#8a400a).


Step 21 – Lighting the dynamite

Light the dynamites by setting your Color Balance as follows:

  • Color Levels: +79, 0, -70
  • Tone Balance: Midtones
  • Check “Preserve Luminosity”

Step 22 – Adding spark to the dynamite

Select the Brush tool and open the Brush palette. Draw yellow fire around the dynamite with the following settings:

  • Check “Scattering”
  • Scatter: 63%
  • Control: Off
  • Count: 1
  • Count Jitter: 0%
  • Control: Off

Step 23 – Adding depth to the character

Dodge areas of the hat, bandana, dynamites, and shirt to create light. Burn areas around the back of the hat and the edges of the bandana to create shadows.

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