Create unusual Photo manipulation small and invisible worlds and fascinating moments of life of small inhabitants of the forest! In this tutorial, you will learn how to work with adjustment layers and learn how to work with lighting, overlay of light and shadow and much more!

What you’ll be creating

We’ll start with the lesson arrangement beetles and create lighting. Then create the darkness of which overlook the other inhabitants of the forest. Paying attention to the correct formulation of lighting and work with textures. At the end, add adjustment layers and special effects.
You’ll need any version of Photoshop, inspiration, good mood, turn on your favorite music and take a cup of tea :)


Tutorial Resources

Step 1

Before you start, download all the material in one place. So it will be easier to work with them. Open Photoshop and start by creating! Create a new document. Go to File > New or the short key Cmd /Ctrl+ N. A blank document with size of 3000 pixels wide and 2000 pixels high. I named the document “Moment”.


Step 2

Now I have added a picture of the clock. Go to File > Place and select the image of the clock. This will be our main atmosphere. I loved this photo of his uniqueness and contrast.



Step 3

After addition of the landscape with clock, transform it, to fit the document. When you put the picture it automatically in the transformation. But if not, transform the landscape, press Cmd /Ctrl+ T or go to Edit > Transform > Scale or to Edit > Free Transform. Pull the black cubes in the corners formed frame.



Step 4

Now let’s start creating our main landscape. Create a new group by clicking on the icon of the group in the Layers palette and name it “bugs”.


Step 5

Open the image beetles. Go to File > Open or the short key Cmd /Ctrl+ O and select image with beetles.


Step 6

Select the Quick Selection Tool (W).


Now select the mantis. Keep mantis legs be selected and that have not been put into the selection parts of the other insects.


Step 7

Select the Move Tool (V). Grab the selection and drag it into the document.



Step 8

Repeat the same (steps 6-7) with the other insects. All the insects must be in one group “Bugs”. Ignore the mask layers in my file. I have done for you especially ready-insects. You can use other insects, or change the location of these, because creating photo manipulation completely creative process.


Step 9

Now you need to remove some caterpillars for realism. Caterpillar looks out of the backside of the stone. So add a layer mask to the layer with caterpillar. Go to the Layers panel. Select the layer with a caterpillar and click on the Layer mask icon.


Step 10

Select the Brush Tool (B) on the toolbar. Set it to the following settings: Size: 50px. Hardness: 100% Opacity: 100% flow: 100%. Be sure to set the background color (the color that you will work) to black by pressing D on keyboard.


Now remove the lower part of the caterpillar as shown in Figure.