Step 13 – Adding the Birds

This is another really simple step. Download some bird brushes ( e. g. these) and install them into the Photoshop. If you don´t know how you can take a look at this tutorial. Create a new layer on the top of your layers and name it BIRDS. Grab Brush Tool (B) and select the brushes you´ve just installed. Pick some dark grey color. I don´t recommend you to use the pure black since things in distance are usually lighter and also because black color looks in most cases to harsh and not much realistic. In nature you don´t see many pure black things – they are dark drown, dark green etc. You can choose some dark color from the sky for example. Now paint the birds. Bellow you can see how the manipulation looks so far.


Step 14 – Global Changing Of Colors

All the main elements of the pictures are placed. In this and next steps we will change color tones, brightness and contrast to give it the desire mood. We’ll start with global color adjustment. To do that we use Selective Color. It’s a great tool which allows you to change separately each color tone which gives you much more freedom than using e.g. Color Balance. If you’re not familiar with this adjustment tool I would recommend you to look at this video which explains the basic features of it and on practical examples shows how Selective Color works. Add new adjustment layer Selective Color on the top of your layers and set the Colors as you can see on the picture.


On the picture bellow it’s shown how the picture looks with and without the Selective Color adjustment.


Step 15 – Redder Flowers

To add more contrast and make the flowers more pronounced they should be redder. Add new adjustment layer Selective Color on the top of your layers again. This time we will change only Reds, other colors stay the same as before. Set the Selective Color as it is shown and press OK.


As you can see the adjustment affects also the skull which doesn’t look nice. To fix it add layer mask to this layer and paint with black over the skull. The unwanted red tones disappear. Bellow you can see how the manipulation looks after these steps.