Step 3 – Adding the Sky and Mountains

This will be very quick step. Open the picture of sky and drag it into the manipulation. Name the layer SKY and place it under the BACKGROUND. Press Ctrl + T and resize it on proper size. Once you’re satisfied with the size press OK.


Open the picture of the right mountain, cut out the background and drag it into the manipulation. Place the layer under the BACKGROUND and name it e.g. RIGHT MOUNTAIN. Resize it on proper size.

Then do the same with left mountain.


Step 4 – Adjusting the Right Mountain

Right now the mountains doesn’t fit to the picture. The right mountain should have lower contrast, the left should be lighter and less saturated.

First let’s adjust the right mountains. Add new adjustment layer Levels above the RIGHT MOUNTAIN. You can find the button Create new fill or adjustment layer in the bottom part of the Layers palette.


Set the Input Levels of the adjustment layer on 0; 1,28; 255.


Right click on the adjustment layer and select the option Create Clipping Mask. This way the adjustment layer adjusts only one layer below – RIGHT MOUNTAIN and not the whole picture.

Step 5 – Adjusting Left Mountain

Let’s adjust the left mountain.

First lower the saturation. Add new adjustment layer Hue/Saturation above the layer LEFT MOUNTAIN. Select Cyan color and set the Saturation on -65. Create clipping mask from this adjustment layer.


Mountains should be lighter because they are in distance. Add new adjustment layer Levels above the Hue/Saturation layer and set the Input Levels on 0; 1,49; 255. Create clipping mask from it.


Below it is shown how the image looks so far.