Learn how to apply makeup and add winter effects to a photo. This tutorial will show you how you can turn a regular photo into artistic photo manipulation.

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Winter Portrait Photoshop Tutorial

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Step 1

Open a new file, in this case I used 940x 1200 pixels, since the image is just a portrait, that resolution is great.


Step 2

Let’s select the models skin with the lasso tool. Don’t worry about been perfect cause then you can use the eraser in the edges of the image.


Step 3

After the selection is made you have to press CTRL + J to duplicate the skin. So then you are gonna have a new layer like this:


Step 4

Then you have to apply a surface blur filter, to make the skin softer. For this you have to go to Filter -> Blur -> surface blur-> and then add 8 for radius and for threshold.


Step 5

Then desatured the skin’s layer a little bit like -30%. Press CTRL + U to see the menu.


Step 6

Use the patch tool to erase the hair that is on the model’s lips.



Step 7

After removing all those imperfections, use the lasso tool to select the model’s lips, and duplicate the layer pressing CTRL + J. Remember that doesn’t matter if it not perfect you can always used the eraser close to the edges.


Step 8

In the layer you duplicate apply multiply with 50% of opacity and 80% of fill, to make the lips darker.


Step 9

Press Ctrl + j to duplicate the lip’s layer once again. In this case use the layer mode in soft light at 60% of opacity. that will make the lips look shining.


Step 10

Now we are going to work in the eyes. Go to the layer of the model’s skin and select the eyes with lasso tool then duplicate the layer CTRL + J.


Step 11

Press ctrl + u to change the color of the eyes. I used hue at 200 to make the eyes blue.


Step 12

Duplicate the eye’s layer and use the layer in color dodge option at 70% of opacity to achieve this look.


Step 13

To do the blush I created a new layer and paint the model’s cheeks with a soft brush, using a pink tone.


Step 14

Apply Gaussian blur filter at 60% to make the blush look more natural.



Step 15

Put the layer in multiply with 50% of opacity and 80% of fill.


Step 16

To make the model’s makeup I apply blue eye shadows. So to make this create a new layer, press shift+crtl+N. then choose a dark blue violet in the palette, and paint the models eye with a soft brush.


Step 17

Apply Gaussian blur filter with a 8.0 radius. and then put the layer in multiply. you can choose to make the eyeshadow look darker or softer changing the opacity of the layer as you prefer.




  1. You did a wonderful job with this tutorial. It turned out fantastic. I know what I am talking about. Thank you for taking the time and put up tutorials that are so easy to follow.
    Thank you

  2. this was a wonderful tutorial! I just started using PS, and this tutorial was very simple to follow. I changed a few things up, and mined turned out as a Lady Loki :) I’ve attached it if you’d like to see…

  3. where did her pupils go?? lol Is she married to the abominable snowman…or bigfoot? Maybe they like blue eyeshadow..