Half Sepia
Half Sepia

Add a modern sepia tone to your photos. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add a sepia tone specifically to the highlights or shadows of an image.

Keying Green Backdrops

Separate objects from green backdrops with presicion and control. Learn how to mask fine strands of hair and a translucent glass cup.


Smooth and reduce details without losing edges. This contemporary effect is great for hiding flaw in portraits.


Simulate the effects of Fujifilm Velvia film. The Fujifilm Velvia film is a professional photography reversal film popular for its brighter colors and higher contrast. Like Velvia film, this Photoshop effect is great for landscape photos but may oversaturate skin tones.

Vivid Glow

Intensify photos with vivid colors in just a few simple steps! This Photoshop effect is perfect for fun vacation photos and is easy for novice Photoshop users.

Photo Boost

This Photoshop effect makes cool colors (ex. blue) darker and warm colors (ex. red) warmer. The results are glowing skin tones, dark grass and tress, and vivid colors.

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