15 Wickedly Awesome Photomanipulations by Robin Lakowitz

15 Wickedly Awesome Photomanipulations by Robin Lakowitz

15 Wickedly Awesome Photomanipulations by Robin Lakowitz

You have a great array of work in your portfolio. What usually inspires you to create?

Most of my inspiration I get from music and movies. I watch lots of TV and I hear lots of music – both together create a perfect mixture. The idea for works like Apocalypse or The Aftermath for example came by movies like “2012” , “I am Legend” , “The Day after Tomorrow”. But also my early Childhood is a big inspiration to me, my upcoming work called “The Journey” is the best example for it. My girlfriend has also been a big inspiration to me in the last months – some of her ideas were awesome! :)

Is there any artist that you look up to and inspires you?

Not directly. I appreciate lots of Graphic Designers, but I don't really look up to somebody or gain inspiration from them. That doesn't mean, that they're not worth it – quite the opposite – I just want to make my works unique. I try to get no inspiration from others, so I am not going to make similar works like another one or even copying other styles. But I think Martin Grohs deserves a mention – he is a great artist with a great style. I think I do not overstate when I say, that he is the best Graphic Designer in Germany. No one is as creative as him – in my opinion.

Do you have a specific style that you stick to?

At the moment I prefer to create surreal photomanipulations, but I don't really stick to one style. I want to be as various as I can. As you see in my Gallery I am changing the style of my works often, sometimes I think, “What about a colorful Artwork full of effects ?”, and sometimes: “What about a photomanipulation with a profound concept?” It's all situation-dependent.


“Apocalypse” is an eye-catching piece. What is the story behind this work?

Well, I remember the time of creating this work. It was 2011, a few weeks before Easter and I wanted to create an Artwork with a big monster crashing into a city. Inspired by a mixture of the movies “Avatar” and “2012”. Yes – a monster crashing in a city – now you probably think: “We asked about Apocalypse...” But it's true, Apocalypse was not planned like you know it now. Only when I noticed that the monster crashing in the city will look awful, I've seen what the picture looks like without a monster. And I started to go on. The picture was the hardest I've ever made till then. I spend a lot of time on it, not like my other works before, I waited 2 weeks till it was finished – perfectly for the Easter days I was able to publish it.

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