20 Astonishingly Expressive Paintings by Yuko Rabbit

20 Astonishingly Expressive Paintings by Yuko Rabbit
20 Astonishingly Expressive Paintings by Yuko Rabbit

This interview features the amazing artwork of Japan artist, Yuko Rabbit. Full of complex details and emotion, each of her pieces is a pure form of art. Here we talk about Yuko’s inspirations, current projects and some little things about herself. So read on and get to know more about this talented artist.

First of all I must say you have an amazing array of artwork. What made you pursue the arts?

In simple words, my passion for expressing myself. It sounds like cliché, but I love to do something in my own way and make it original. I concentrated on painting and drawing because I can do it better than other things. If I were coordinated, I would be a dancer. If I had a song writing skill, I might be able to be a musician. In any case, I would try to make something original. Although painting and drawing are my only means, they're very precious. For me, they are like my selfish but attractive childhood friend.

Can you tell us more about yourself? Did you have a lot of artistic influences growing up?

I'm just an ordinary girl living in Japan. I worked for the town library till last month. I love art, of course, and rock music, rabbits, movies, books, low-budget traveling, cool internet services and Dr. Pepper.
I've been influenced so much that it's hard for me to decide what influenced me the most. In my childhood, Manga and Anime artists were my heroes. In my teens, I learned from the pieces of traditional western oil painters and print artists. Now I get a lot of inspiration from modern and contemporary fine artists, designers, illustrators, musicians, models and photographers.

What is a day like for you? What usually keeps you busy?

I am currently tackling a comic draft for a magazine and a private commission. In addition, I have three personal ongoing projects; a book cover project on the assumption of client works to promote myself, an art book project, and I'm preparing an art event in Tokyo on April 28th. I sometimes take care of my grandparents, victims of the tsunami 1 year ago, as they had to move to my town.

What inspires and motivates you to paint or draw?

My inspiration comes from everything, not only painting but philosophy, movies, photography, performance, typography, music, literature, conversation, even my daily job. In other words, I can't judge where it will come from next.
As for what keeps me motivated, I think these three factors are the biggest. First, the moment that I come up with a nice and unique idea. Second, an eager desire to improve my skills. When I find so many great artists, I feel I should make more effort to be awesome like them someday. Third, people who love my work. This might be the biggest factor. I feel that they keep me motivated. I really appreciate every single person that gives me kind words or feedback, checks my updates, and purchases my art. Thanks to them, I enjoy planning my next project.

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