Interview with Graphic Artist Antonio Rodrigues Jr

Interview with Graphic Artist Antonio Rodrigues Jr
Interview with Graphic Artist Antonio Rodrigues Jr

This interview features talented graphic artist Antonio Rodrigues Jr. His works are fairly influenced by fine arts and two of his greatest sources of inspiration are music and architecture. This interview with Antonio will give you a peek into what goes on in a graphic artist's day to day life.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Antonio Rodrigues Jr and I’m a self-taught graphic designer, illustrator and lettering lover with a Fine Arts background. I work with different styles and techniques, from handmade to computer-generated graphics.


What memorable responses have you had to your work?

I’ve been only working as a professional graphic artist for the last couple for years and I have been fortunate to have my work featured on books, magazines blogs and design related sites, as well as worked with some clients and brands such as Puma, Adidas and Amnesty International.


 What do you like and dislike about the world of art?

I like the power we have to change things around us and I dislike when this power is misused or misunderstood.


What is your dream project as a graphic artist?

I don’t aim to have THE big project. Rather, my aim is to be recognized for by body of work. For that, I am in a constant learning process and always trying to bring new elements to my projects, whether they’re personal or commissioned.


What jobs have you done other than being a graphic artist?

Until a few years ago, I had in a very bureaucratic occupation: I was responsible for the payroll in a public company. Even after graduating in Fine Arts University, I kept on doing art related work only as a side activity. It was only a few years ago that I had the confidence to leave my old job and start out as an independent graphic artist.


What role does a graphic artist have in the society?

So many! However, I believe that one very important role is to make people feel good about their visual environment.


Where do you find ideas for your work these days?

My work is fairly influenced by fine arts, but music and architecture are my greatest sources of inspiration. Both have rhythm and structure, and both can tell a story while at the same time leave something to your imagination.

In addition to those, my sphere of interests includes movies, photography, advertising, computing and also anthropology, history, literature, psychology and sociology.


How do you plan your designs before you start drafting them?

I don’t have a fixed method. When I am working on a commissioned project, I usually have a quick talk with the client, so that I can understand them better and, after that, I run a research before providing the first sketches.
My personal projects usually start with the sum of some cool things I have seen, heard or even eaten. I Usually have an overall idea of what I want the final result to look like, however I allow myself to experiment different processes and materials and most of times it pays off to simply let the project follow its own flow.

Could you please tell us some of the designs you have created and their success?

One of my best recognized personal projects is ‘Better With Flowers’, on which I blend beautifully crafted floral typography to say offensive words. It has been featured on quite a few design relate websites and blogs and was on the cover of IDN magazine.
One of my favourite commissioned projects is ‘Play’ (for a sports garments company’s World Cup Campaign). It brought quite a few new work to my office and pro project itself was also featured and several blogs and magazines.


More about Antonio Rodrigues Jr

You can find more of Antonio's works on his Behance profile or website.

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