As a 3D artist, how do you see 3D in the future? Why?

The 3D in the future will have more realistic renders in less time, and will enable the development of things that were impossible to be made.
As much as technology helps professionals currently and in the future, the artistic side will make a difference in the outcome.

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More about Bruno Nunes

Bruno Nunes is currently focused on making 3D Illustrations for Advertising campaigns. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile of website.

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I remember Bruno from back in the day when he’d kick my ass in competitions on


thanks for posting

Adriano Santana

Parabems Bruno.. muito sucesso

Lucia Nunes

Congratulations Bruno !!!!
You are so good !!!!

Free Solutions 10

Yup :p

Free Solutions 10

Thanks :

Mohammad Jabbar


Krittapak Chaikla

Is that the scene of the Pirates of the Caribbean, isn’t it?

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