Interview with Graphic Designer and 3D Artist Bruno Nunes

Interview with Graphic Designer and 3D Artist Bruno Nunes
Interview with Graphic Designer and 3D Artist Bruno Nunes

Bruno Nunes is a graphic designer born in Curitiba, Brazil. He has worked in advertising agencies and in photographic studios along with well known professionals who helped him not only develop his sense of criticism but also perfect his images. Let us know about him more in this interview. So, read on and enjoy!

Could you start by giving us a quick introduction to who you are and what it is that you do?

My name is Bruno, I'm a graphic designer born in Curitiba, Brazil. I´m currently working with 3D at Platinum FMD Studio. I started my career with photo retouching and over the years I´m focusing on 3D.

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Is there a certain model, or image you’ve created that stands out as a favourite? If so, can you tell us what it is and the process on how you made it?

It is difficult to choose a favorite image, but I think the mosquito to Repeloff is the one I like best. It was a job as a freelancer, where the agency gave me only the idea of the image. I had to create the rocket, the mosquito and the integration of character with background.

I started studying as the mosquito would be in Zbrush, it's anatomy, position, expression (this was the most difficult to determine), then I moved forward to study the angle of the camera and how the elements of the scene would behave in the final composition. After that I took the model to Mari, already with opened UV, then painted the face and his body using photographic textures, also used photoshop to give some more details in the textures. With diffuse map ready, I created the other maps (displacement, normal, specular).

The rope was made in Cinema 4D by Repper X plugin and then I added the fur in Modo. After setting the Lighting of the scene, I rendered it in several passes. In photoshop, I joined all the rendering of passes, and then composited all the elements separately. Added the fire on the rocket and some textures to enhance the scene. With the scene ready, I used the Z-depth pass to give gradual blurring the scene, leaving the mosquito in greater evidence.


You also do advertising, illustration, retouching and packaging. Are these some of the things you would like to do more of? Why or why not?

What I like to do are the personal works, which I don´t have a deadline to do and I free choice in creation.
I'm currently enjoying to model characters, because they are easier to convey some feeling and after ready wonder more about them (as where they are psychologically, where they live)


How important do you think a good understanding of 2d art is to a 3d artist such as yourself?

Fundamentally, I love following a good 2D art as the basis for my 3D.
I think any kind of art adds when you are creating, many times it helps unconsciously and you do not realize it.
And the 2D art in itself can provide results which one could not reach in 3D. One can complement the other for the best result.


Who are your favorite artists? Who and what inspires you in all types of your work?

Currently these are my favorite artists:

Pedro Conti
Victor Hugo Queiroz
Rafael Grassetti
Tim Cooper
Guang Yang
Thiago Hoisel
The feeling that their images and transmits the realism always impress me.


What do you like and dislike about the 3D medium? Why?

What I like most in 3D is the possibility that it allows to create something out of nothing and you can create worlds and characters that exist only on your computer screen.
What I don´t like working with 3D, are the tight deadlines and too much reworking.


As a 3D artist, how do you see 3D in the future? Why?

The 3D in the future will have more realistic renders in less time, and will enable the development of things that were impossible to be made.
As much as technology helps professionals currently and in the future, the artistic side will make a difference in the outcome.

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More about Bruno Nunes

Bruno Nunes is currently focused on making 3D Illustrations for Advertising campaigns. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile of website.

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